After a crazy day of events including a delayed 2nd flight and countless gate changes and others that I’m too tired to recount at the moment, I’m on my way to bed after a bit. I’m here, Amy and I have already ventured to Disneyland, and I’m still in awe that I am actually in California!! :)

Funny story behind this sign, but Amy might kill me if I told. ;)

The pretty Sleeping Beauty castle. VERY tiny compared to the Cinderella castle, but beautiful nonetheless.

Lord, help this child.

I had fun tonight. We got to Disneyland at about 8:05pm, two hours before close. Lots of cool night shots. Can’t wait to get daytime shots tomorrow/today. Got to ride the Pooh ride and Big Thunder Mountain, yay!

That’s all for now. My body thinks it’s 4am. Time for some serious ZzzZZing. ‘Til later!

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