First thing— I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! It’s amazing. One of my favorite things about SLR is that there is practically NO shutter lag. And the manual focus option–LOVE IT. Oh yeah. I had a blast today. I got a polarizing filter, and I can really see a difference in some of the photos.

Second thing–Dawes Aroboretum is so nice this time of year. I didn’t see any mushrooms (ewwww), and many of the trees were flowering. It was just slightly cool, but not too much. A pretty day, perfect for taking pictures. Aidan and I went today for some Mommy/Son bonding time and also for a photo shoot of sorts.

The Japanese Garden — one of my favorite spots in the park.

The bridge in The Japanese Garden.

Pretty flowering bush in The Japanese Garden.

Aidan with a “flower.”

Aidan and Me. :D I was trying out the self-timer and using a tripod here.

My handsome little guy.

Crab Apple Tree Ringlets

Playing with the manual focus. Cool!!!

See more here: Dawes Arboretum

So, WHY did I wait so long for this camera? Oh yeah, because I wanted to wait until the weather was nice enough to use it outside. :) My next purchases are going to be a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. I’ll also need a nice case to tote it all around in. I want to get all of this before I go to Vegas and The Grand Canyon. I wonder if I can fit my tripod into my suitcase?

Today reminded me of how much I love taking pictures. I’m looking forward to my vacations and to this summer. :D

‘Til next time! :)

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