Month: April 2006

A Sarah-filled Night

After dinner with the boys, we went over to Barnes and Noble so I could score a copy of the long-waited Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (writergrl). I rushed up the escalator to the teen section, only to find copies of Sarah books I already had. WHAT??? I searched frantically for a special display, I looked at the “new release” tables (found and picked up a copy of Mari Mancusi’s starrgirl7 Boys That Bite), but no Just Listen.

I was beginning to think the Just Listen gods were against me. First, my pre-order from was MIA, and now, one of the biggest B&N stores in the city didn’t stock it?

I went down the the information desk. Waited somewhat patiently for the CSR to finish on the phone. Then I asked him. He typed in two or three letters before he said “let’s go to the warehouse.”


The warehouse is located in the back of the store. “We have a whole display in back, but no one put it out yet.”


Mind you, it was like 8:30pm or so. The book had been on sale officially since midnight. That’s like 20 hours!!!!! Surely enough time to move out one measley display, right? Sure enough, when he punched in a bunch of numbers on a fancy keypad, I could see a glimpse of the Just Listen display in the back room. He didn’t bring out the display, though. He went back there, grabbed me one copy of the book, and then locked the door behind him.


I wanted to yell and scream and basically freak out as to WHY this lovely author’s new book was hidden in the back room, when it should be prominently displayed for ALL TO PERUSE!!! Except, I was too happy to have my own copy, so I decided not to disturb the peace.

But sheesh. I wonder how many disappointed folks came in to grab a copy of Just Listen, didn’t bother to ask customer service, and walked out empty-handed today?

I’m going to be in that area tomorrow. I should go and check to see if they move the display out or not. *grumble grumble*

In the meantime, I picked up the How to Deal DVD (oh my, Trent Ford yummy yummy yummy) and the paper back of The Truth About Forever. I am Sarah stocked now. :D

It’s time for me to start reading. :)

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Cutting Some Stuff

I think know I need to cut some stuff out of my WIP. The problem is–if I do, it will slash my word count by at least 2,000 words. The question is: since this is my first draft, do I leave the stuff in (just to keep that word count) and remove it in revisions, or cut it now, thus causing me to make up those words?

Decisions, decisions.

Edited April 4, about 7:30pm

I did the cuts and they weren’t nearly as tragic as I thought. I only lost about 700 words, not the 2,000 I’d anticipated. YAY. :)

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Books & Reading & Writing & Goals

I have a new favorite author. Lara M. Zeises (zeisgeist). Her books are phenomenal. I just read Bringing Up the Bones and I am in love with it. Now, the funny thing is that I read Contents Under Pressure first, and I think it should have been the other way around. I LOVE how Lara has certain characters pop in and out of different books. I do the same with mine. I pray that ONLY YOURS get published, and that the one I am working on now gets published (title has been changed yet again), because then you’ll get to meet some characters, then revisit them. Yay.

Another thing I love about Lara’s books is that they’re not sugar-coated. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy reading “sweet YAs” (how sad am I that the Smooch line went under?) but I definitely prefer … how shall I describe them?–risque?–books where teens do things like have sex and try drugs and *gasp* actually NOT die or have something else horrible happen to them.

I watched How to Deal yesterday, I mean Saturday (damned Springing Forward. I am wide awake right now). The actor who played Macon. Yum. It was really good. Interesting adaptation–taking two books. I enjoyed it. Of course, it was based on Sarah Dessen (writergrl) books, so how could I have not loved it?

Went to the library on Saturday. Checked out eleven items. Ten of them were books. I got ahold of the newest A-list novel. First borrower–the spine hasn’t even been broken on it yet! It smells so good, too. I don’t know if I was supposed to have it yet–the publication date is April 2006, and seeing as Saturday was April 1st… hmm. Anyway, I’m excited to read it. I got the latest Lara M. Zeises book out as well, and a Jax Abbot book. Yeah! Can’t wait to read and read and read. Or write and write and write. Argh, I am so torn!

In Writing news:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,055 / 50,000

I’m moving right along, yes? I was on a roll this weekend, despite my best efforts at slacking. :D There really is something about those late, late nights/early mornings. I was up until 4am on Sunday, down in the family room, wrapped in a blanket, the fish tank on, and surrounded by books. I had grape Kool-Aid and chocolate chip cookie dough. Typing away. It was heaven.

I always talked about how much more productive I’d be if I could write all day. But I don’t think that’s true. I think I’d be better if I could stay up all night. It’s so quiet. No interruptions. No daylight or sunshine or open stores to distract me. Just silence and stillness. Night time has always been my time, and the only times I get to dwell on that is the ocassional Friday or Saturday night. I don’t even get to fully enjoy it then, because I know the next morning, I’ll have to be up to do this or that and you know, raise my child.

I’m really enjoying writing this. I love when I get to this point. :) I’d love to be able to knock out thousands of words a day, but if I focus, I usually get to squeeze out 1000 or so in the midst of constant interruptions and distractions. I hope I can have a 50,000 word first draft completed by June 1st. That would be amazing–to complete a third novel, and to have a bank for more.

March Goals check in:

– 32,000 words – CHECK. I surpassed that goal by more than 3000 words.
– read two new books – CHECK like whoa. I lost count of how many new books I read. :D

I’ll post the April ones over to the side once I figure them out.

I’m gonna run. We’re supposed to get hit with a thunderstorm in about seven minutes and I want my computer unplugged. We’ll probably lose power or internet or something. :( That’s the only bad thing about spring. The storms. Ugh. I hate them.

‘Til next time.

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