Month: April 2006

What? A Meme?

1. What is your favorite spread for toast? Grape jam.

2. Describe your umbrella. Broken and cheap.

3. What piece of jewelry do you wear every day? My wedding/engagement ring (they’re soldered together), Mickey Mouse watch, Return to Tiffany necklace and bracelet.

4. Who was president when you graduated from high school? William Jefferson Clinton.

5. What is your favorite month of the year? Hmm. I’m not sure!

6. What color shoes are you wearing? Brown Eastland oxfords.

7. Describe a favorite childhood toy. Pandernoodle. I still have him. :)

8. Did you grow up in a one or two story house? I grew up in a two story house, but the two stories were different “apartments.”

9. Have you grown up to be who you wanted to be? Not yet!!

10. Pretend you’ve been given $100 on the condition you spend it all on yourself. What do you buy? That’s easy. Books.

11. What color is your front door? Brown.

12. What did you learn to type on: manual typewriter, electric typewriter, word processor, or computer? Electric typewriter (IBM Selectric).

13. Which do you prefer, white, black, colored, or patterned socks? I definitely prefer patterned and colored socks. For example, right now, I am wearing pink socks with Hello Kitty on them. :)

14. Name two vegetables you’d like to have with dinner every night for a week. Green beans and snow peas.

15. It’s a magic day. You may eat whatever you want for dinner, and your entire meal is guaranteed to be calorie free. What’s on the menu? Okay. I’d have a steak, a baked potato with extra butter, no sour cream, and green beans. For dessert, I’d either have chocolate or strawberry shortcake. :)

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Word Counts! :D

April Goal:

Zokutou word meter
40,661 / 40,000


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
40,661 / 50,000

If I use the 250 words per page counting method:

Zokutou word meter
53,750 / 50,000


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Happy Saturday! (Pictures)

Why today was a good day:

  1. Dreams that are good, even if they’re unhealthy.
  2. Sleeping in ’til about noon. Mmmm.
  3. A nice, long bath.
  4. Chatting with Star (selfstyled)
  5. Beautiful sunny weather!
  6. CD full of mixes of my favorite new song Believe In Me by Pleasure Center arriving in the mail.
  7. Spring at Goodale Park.
  8. Visiting the library.
  9. Dinner outside.
  10. Finishing another book (Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham)
  11. Running into friends at Target.
  12. Postcard from The Video Professor saying they were going to credit my account $80!!!
  13. Lovely incense wafting through the loft right now.
  14. Zen-ness. Yes!

Notice #7? Of course I got pictures!


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“THAT’S Why They Call It ‘Good’ Friday!” (Pictures)

Hi hi! Long time, no update, huh? Believe it or not, I’ve been at my computer everyday, but kind of in hiding because I’ve been busy writing or gobbling up new books or just taking small breaks from the social online world.

I’m feeling pretty happy despite the fact that there is a thunderstorm going on. However, the storm is moving away, so yes, I guess that will make me happy. :) No news on the ONLY YOURS front, but I’ve been writing my butt off on my new project. My goal for April is 40,000 words, and I am already above 38,000. On April 28, I am going to a writer’s conference and I am so excited. Being steeped in the writing world…it’s going to be amazing.

So today was a good day. One of those unexpected good ones. I got to work, chatted a bit with some folks, did a little bit, then headed to the eye doctor. I was disappointed to learn that my eyes have worsened. I’m at a -2.50 instead of a -2.00. I am trying out Acuvue Advance lenses. If I like them, I will go ahead and order loads of boxes of them. Maybe someday I’ll get the guts to actually do the laser eye surgery.

When I got back to work, it was lunchtime. I had a salad which was very yummy. I felt proud of myself for having eaten so healthily. Well, relatively, anyway. But when I went back upstairs, there was ICE CREAM! Graeter’s Ice Cream to be specific. I ate about one bowl. We were also let out of work early due to the holiday. So I gained two hours that I wasn’t expecting. I came home and read and took a nap.

Chris called and regaled some happy news. He got a new job! This means no more late Monday nights with Aidan, and normal hours, so he can make dinner for us and stuff. Yay. He’s very excited. We went out and had dinner at a new seafood restaurant, where the host initially said “Okay, we have a four and a half hour wait…just kidding.” Hahaha. The food was very good, as was the service.

I’ve been fairly relaxed the past couple of weeks. Friday, we went to On The Border to celebrate Christy’s birthday. Afterwards, I hung out with Libby so long that I ended up sleeping over. That was awesome! :) Then Saturday, we took Aidan to my mom’s for the week, and came back for Christy’s birthday party. (The Jackson birthdays are like Hanakah. They just keep going and going and going…). Sunday was [the grove], the last one for a while. Monday, I went to Gentle Wind for another massage. I ended up buying the most heavenly incense. Mmmm.

I’ve been downloading music like WHOA. Writing. Spending time with friends. Reading a lot. I just finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (writergrl) and Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty. I keep spending way too much money in Barnes & Noble. I “took over” the prayer request duties (which means I was given a super cute notebook!) for our life group. I lost the five pounds that I’d gained, but I am still not a solid 110 yet. I keep fluctuating. I have a minor crush on Trent Ford, the guy who plays Macon in How to Deal. He’s also been in a few other things–some episodes of Law & Order, stuff like that. He’s a model, was born in Ohio but grew up in Britian, and is illegally handsome. Google his name. You won’t be sorry. Regardless of what Ben says.

So, it’s time for PICTURES! :D

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Is It Sad…

…that I idolize Sarah Dessen (writergrl) so much that I refuse to check my writing LJ friends list until after I know she’s updated, so I can be sure to catch her entry?

I think if I ever met her, I’d cry. Seriously.

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