Last week, Chris set the toaster oven on fire. He got it out with the extinguisher, and before my mom or I figured out anything was wrong. Once you use an extinguisher, it’s done, so he had a blast spraying the rest of it all over the backyard. I’m sure the neighbors loved that.

note: buy new fire extinguisher asap.

I got on a music downloading kick and bought tons of music from the late ’80s/early ’90s. Paula Abdul, Bobby Brown, Bon Jovi, and Keith Sweat. I was just in the mood.

My iPod adapter no longer works in my work computer. Thankfully, it’s an old school one, so I can still charge it. But I can’t get new music on to it. I’ll have to try it in my laptop when I get home. Either I need a new cord or a new iPod. Hopefully, it will be the adapter. That’s way cheaper than a new iPod! Not that I’d MIND a new iPod, of course, but you know….

Saturday, I had my counseling, then I stopped in at Goodale Park. Just seems to be a crime to not go when the weather is sunny. I didn’t stay long, though, it was chilly. I did get some nice pictures, will upload them soon. After being in 100+ F temperatures for a week, 64º F seems awfully cool. That night, Craig was over and we watched Wedding Crashers. There is one part where the Owen Wilson guy (I can’t remember his character’s name!) yells to Jeremy “You’re as asshole!” Well, Aidan heard it and repeated it loudly and clearly. Imagine how freakin’ hard it was to not LOL like crazy at that. The last thing I want to do is encourage the poor child! Still, it was hilarious! Yesterday, Libby and Bob came over and we watched some of season 3 Aqua Teen Hunger Force (We flash fryin’ this cow!) and they watched The Prophecy. Tonight is spaghetti and movie night at Bizzy. I’m kind of in a Newsies mood. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

I think I’m just finding that Slippery When Wet is a damned good album.

Three-day weekend coming up! Yippeeee! And… tomorrow a special edition of The Boondock Saints will be released. 2-discs! I am soooo picking it up!! I love that movie!!

That’s all for now. ‘Til next time!!! :)

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