I cannot let Rosa (meimeigui) down, since she said this:

Four friends I think will respond:
– Probably no one.
– Well, maybe Ronni.
– (lilrongal)
– She’s been a meme-maniac as of late.

So, here goes! HAHAHAHA!!!! ♥ to Rosa, like mucho.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
– Assistant Production Editor (current)
– Administrative Assistant
– Sr. Financial Services Support Rep (fancy name for data entry like whoa)
– Receptionist at a Catholic church. (they didn’t appreciate the belly tops and short shorts I liked to wear back then…)

Four movies you would watch over and over:
The Boondock Saints (get your stupid fucking rope)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun (young Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannon Daugherty. and set in Chicago, HELLO!)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (everything in this room is eatable. even I’m eatable. but that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon inmost societies)
Saved (cassandra: There’s only one reason christian girls go to planned parenthood. roland: she’s planting a pipe bomb??!? cassandra: okay, two reasons)

Four places you have lived:
– Cleveland OH
– Stadium Scholarship Dorm (Ohio State University Campus)
– Columbus OH
– Pataskala OH (current)

Four TV shows you love to watch (all time edition):
– The Golden Girls (!!)
– Iron Chef (fuki-san!)
– Big Brother
– Mickey Mouse Club (MMC)

Four TV shows you love to watch (recent edition):
– Big Brother
– Iron Chef
– Unwrapped
– Pimp My Ride

Four places I’ve been on vacation:
– Disney World
– Las Vegas
– Chicago
– Los Angeles

Websites you visit daily:
– livejournal (duh)
– flickr
– my space
– google

Four of my favorite foods:
– spaghetti (oh yes. oh god yes)
– chocolate chip cookie dough
– french fries
– chicken

Four places I would rather be right now:
– Chicago
– Disney World
– Chicago
– Disney World
(i repeated because i want it that bad)

Four friends I think will respond:

(this one Rosa added, ’cause she’s cool like that)
Four things you wanted to be when you grew up:
– An actress
– A CPR instructor
– A toy manufactor (the person who made up the ideas and stuff)
– An anchorwoman (like on the news)

(one that I added, because I felt like it)
Four of my favorite books:
– Small Town Girl – LaVyrle Spencer (hey cassidyselzer, good stuff, right?)
– Dark Angel – V.C. Andrews
– Dreamland – Sarah Dessen
– Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

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