Okay, so I came home and did the family room, and the fish tank. Took some threatening to get Aidan to move his darn toys to the toy room. I actually had to physically put a toy in the trash to show him I meant business. No problems out of him after that, though.

So, the final tally:

Family Room
Aidan’s Room
Master Bedroom (put away my laundry and do more laundry)
Master Bathroom
Fish Tank

I’ll do the laundry a bit later. I’ve got time. :)

The fish tank took longer that I’d anticipated. I decided to do a full cleaning, which meant taking out all the flowering things and washing them off, and the little sculptures. I dumped in two packages of aquarium salt, and conditioned the water good. Just waiting for the debris to settle–hopefully this well help curb the planaria issues I’d been having. Those things are icky-looking. Supposedly harmless, but still creepy.

So… I am relaxing a bit. Burning some Nag Champa. Mmm. I’ll do the laundry later. :)

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