adamselzer is going to kill me, because he told me to go to bed about 30 minutes ago, but I simply cannot sleep.

So, here is the first survey of 2007! Woo!!

People usually call me: Ronni

But my real name is: Ronica

Birthday: December 20

Lady or Gentleman: Lady

I was born in: Cleveland OH

Sign: Sagittarius


Righy or Lefty: Right-handed.

Best Physical Feature: My eyes, and my butt.

Worst Physical Feature: My abs. Ugh. I can look pregnant on a really bad day.

Do you notice looks first?: Of course.

Shoe Size: Six in womens. Four in boys.

Hair Color: Golden

Eye Color: Hazel

Glasses/Contacts or Both: Depends on my mood

Do you wear jewelry?: Yes

If so, what?: Tiffany bracelet and necklace

Any tattoos?: Not yet.

Any piercings beside ears?: Not yet.


Are you a thoughtful person?: I try to be.

What are you thinking about in the morning?: The long work day ahead.

What about now?: The long work day tomorrow. I mean today. Eep.

Do you like to play chess?: Dunno.

How about checkers?: It’s okay.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?: Something to give me unlimited money.

Do you have a great idea right now?: Yes.

Do you like to play mind games?: No.

Emotional?: Yes.

How are you feeling right now? Excited.

Do you feel as though nobody truly understands you? From time to time.

Do you have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings? I can do it better while writing.

If so, do you write in an actual diary or online journal? Both.

If diary, ever had somebody go through it? I hope not.

If online journal, which one? This one. Duh.

When was your last heartbreak? A while ago.

Last time you cried: Monday.

Reason as to why you cried? Long story.

Do you hate your life? Actually, no.


How often do you go to church? ..about that.

When was the last time you went to church? June 2006, for a play.

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual? More spiritual.

Do you pray everyday? Not everyday, but quite often.

Did you go to bible school? I did a few times when I was young.


What do you first notice about the opposite sex? Face.

#1 Turn Off: Cockiness.

Hot body part of opposite sex: Nice, round butts.

Sex on the first date?: Well, I can’t say I’ve ever actually dated, so who knows?

Ever had a one night stand?: No.

Are you considered a tease?: No.


Do people call you a liar?: No.

Had a fake ID?: No.

When was the last time you lied to your parents?: A couple weeks ago.

Do you believe in once a cheater, always a cheater? Not really.

Ever said I love you and didn’t mean it? Never.

What is the one of the things you would NEVER lie about?: My son.

This or That……

Work or School: Work.

Red or Pink: Pink.

Receive or Give: BOTH.

Love or Lust: Love.

Heaven or Hell: What kind of question is that?

Lights on or off: On.


How many REAL friends do you actually have? At least seven. I’m so very blessed.

More female or male friends: Female.

Who is your best friend?: Adam, Star, Amy, Andy, Ivy to name a few.

How long you known each other?: Anywhere from fifteen years to less than one year.

Loudest Friend? I can’t think of any, really.

Shyest Friend? selfstyled.

Craziest Friend? adamselzer

Biggest Flirt? adamselzer

Would you ever live with your best friend? I think so.


Favorite Childhood Board Game? I enjoyed Connect Four.

Regular Tag, Freeze Tag, Help Tag, or Cartoon Tag: Regular tag. Hehe.

Ever play school? Oh yeah.

Ever play with Barbie or GI Joes?: Both.

Ever go to parents job for “Bring your kid into Work” Day?: No.

Hide and Go Seek or Blind Man Bluff: Hide and Seek.


Are you in school? Negative.

Do you work? Yes

Have a car? Yep!

If so, what kind? 2002 Hyundai Accent.

What are you doing tonight? Going to bed soon, I swear.

What are doing tomorrow? Work, then grocery shopping.

Thanksgiving or Christmas? Christmas.


What are your dreams? To be a bestselling author.

What age do you plan on getting married? Been there, done that. Don’t plan on doing it again.

Where do you want to get married? N/A.

Honeymoon Destination? N/A.

How many kids? I’ve got Aidan. He’s enough. :)

Career? Writing/Publishing.

Car? I like Little Ronica. I’ll try to hang on to her.

Small or Big Wedding? *grumble rumble*

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