I won’t even get started about money, because it’s too complicated and messy and generally fucked up, and I’m done with it for tonight.

Went to a mandatory child care class. Parents of divorcing children have to take the class, the state requires it. Chris paid my $35 fee. The part that resonates with me was the pictures the kids drew. Most of them had the half sad/half happy faces. One side frowning and crying, one side smiling. The mixed feelings. The counselor said that kids get like that when they see their parents fight a lot. Thankfully, Chris and I don’t fight, or play pain games, or any of that unhealthy stuff. But the class was good and informative. I always, always worry about how this will affect Aidan. I got a book full of tips on how to make this as painless as possible for him. ♥

They were going through the stages that children go through, emotional. Chris writes down on his booklet:

The Celine Dion Stage
– May marry old men;
– May move to Las Vegaas;
– May become narcissistic and say things like “I am the greatest singer in teh world!”;
– May sing songs in movies about sinking boats (I added this one).

It’s cool we still get along and have fun together.

I’m just looking forward to Thursday at 4pm. Start of a four-day weekend for me. A nice, long, relaxing weekend. Can’t wait.

My DVD player misbehaved, but I got a new cable and now it’s working fine again. YAY. Time to take a Tylenol PM, sit in my glider, and zone the crap out.

And again, I’d like to thank GOD for my friends. I’d be a wreck without them.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to post on days when I feel whiny. ‘Cause I’m not going to lie, I’m looking for people to say “hey, it’ll be okay,” even though I don’t really believe it will. And that’s just pathetic.

See ya.

P.S. To W – I’m glad you enjoyed being… crushed. ;)

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