Just after I did that feeling so lucky post, I checked my bank account and realized my paycheck is nearly $200 short. I called ZB payroll and didn’t get an answer, or a call back. Looks like I’ll be going directly to them on Monday to see what the deal is. SOMEONE’S giving me my money!

And if they don’t… well, I can think of at least four bills that won’t get paid this month. And I have to think of something to sell.

It’s not like I’m spending incredible amounts of money here in Chicago. Actually, the only purchase I made was 3 pairs of leggings to wear under my pants so my legs wouldn’t freeze to death. But my budget is just SO tight, that losing $200 is a BAD BAD thing.

I get to call Gateway to see why the hell my laptop keeps shutting off any time it feels like it. I understand that sometimes it overheats, but recently, it’s not been hot AT ALL and it’s been just randomly shutting off. You know how people can sit their laptops on their beds and work on them? I’ve never able to do that–it’ll shut off. I think it’s time to back up the most important files, take it to Best Buy and expect to get a replacement. I bought the service plan–I just have to make sure I have the paperwork around somewhere. I know one thing, though. I sure as hell am NOT getting a Gateway ever again. Ever. Ever.

I wish I could afford a MacBook, but um, yeah. Not happening anytime soon. I can barely afford peanut butter. But I guess lately, that’s not really a bad thing–however, I do take consolation in the fact that I don’t buy Peter Pan. I’m a Jif girl! And it’s not even because I’m a choosy mom. It’s because the Jif was just the cheapest at the time.


I swear, it’s always one damn thing after another.

I am SO GLAD I planned this trip before I went broke (oh, those were the days), or else it would not have been possible. I am having a great time here, but as always, when the end nears, I start to feel melancholy. If only there was some way to better merge my life in Columbus with my life HERE, get a publishing contract, AND make lots of money, life would be excellent.

Went to a book signing last night. adamselzer‘s book signing, to be exact. He read passages from his book and signed lots of copies. He’s got a manificent presence, and he did really well. :)

Here are a few pictures from the event!

Event Ad
The display that’s right by the front door of the Borders in La Grange, IL.

Book Reading and Signing
Adam’s in place.

Doing a Reading

Book Reading & Signing


Book Signing

Book Reading & Signing

Just so you know, Amazon only has 3 copies of Adam’s book left, so ORDER IT NOW.

Seriously, it’s really good, and really funny. You’ll enjoy it. So order it.

My long vacation in Chicago is winding down. :( Only two more days. I hate that the week seems SO LONG when dealing with regular life, but THIS life, the good life, makes the time speed by. Not fair. Why does the universe work like that? Anyone have any insight?


Right now, it’s negative 3 degrees, not counting the wind chill. It’s cold.


I’m not really smiling in that picture. That’s um…a side effect of the crazy cold. Because I hate the cold. I do. But you know what? My blood is getting way thick. Hasn’t been this thick since my Ohio State days, trudging to class in 0 degree weather. Brrrrr.

I left my car in the ZB lot. It hasn’t been started since last Friday. I’m planning on sleeping at ZB Sunday night, because I don’t think it’s gonna start. I have the electric heater and I have a full suitcase, so I should be okay. Except for breaking the whole “not being in the building when management is not present” rule–but the thing is, I’ll just freeze to death in the parking lot and then they’d REALLY lose an employee so hey, pick your battles, I say.

Much longer recap, complete with pictures, when I’m *sob* back in Columbus.


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