I took Aidan to Blendon Woods metro park on Monday to get him to let off steam, so I could get some walking in, and so I could take pictures of Aidan! First, we stopped in the nature center, where he saw a turtle, a snake, and a toad. He also saw hissing cockroaches. Ew. Then we looked through the observatory windows and watched brightly-colored birds nibbling on the birdseed and a raccoon picking up the leftovers.

Then we went on a walk. Along the way, I took lots of pictures:

Silly Boy!
Aidan was fascinated by the wheelchair sign.

Dramatic Aidan
Dramatic little bugger.

Up To No Good Aidan
This is the face of the truly mischievous.

Super Hero Aidan (?)
Fun picture.

Dramatic Aidan
Again with the drama.

Statue Aidan
Okay, he is totally doing a Michael Jackson pose here.

Skipping Along
Skip away, little boy. Skip away!



(a photo aidan took)


Okay, ’til next time! :D

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