Over the weekend, I drove up to Aurora to see my mommy. Greg took me, her, and Aidan out to dinner at Max & Erma’s. At first, Aidan was insisting on Cracker Barrel, which I don’t like. But I was going to go with it because I could always get a salad or something. Well, my mom talked Aidan into Applebees, but on the way there, Greg and Mommy started talking about Max & Erma’s. They were convinced Aidan wouldn’t know the difference. But as soon as we got there, Aidan blurted out “THIS DOESN’T HAVE AN APPLE!” Luckily, Aidan likes Max & Erma’s fine, so all was well.

Kids have marvelous brand-recognizing capabilities.

When we got back, Greg yelled out “There’s a prophylactic on the patio. What’s a patio?” I laughed for ten minutes at that.

I relaxed quite a bit at my mom’s. Managed to fall asleep a lot more easily, so I took a couple naps. Caught up on a few Food Network shows when Aidan wasn’t hogging the TV with his kid show DVDs. It’s pretty sad that the only TV I get is when I travel, so when I get it, I soak it in like a dry sponge. I mean, I guess I could watch broadcast TV, but who wants to fuss with the rabbit ears? It’s easier to pop in Mean Girls or something. Anyway, got Aidan to sleep in his own bed, even though he was up Sunday morning at 7am, talking about GOOD MORNING and climbing onto the love seat with me. He eventually went to play with my mom, giving me a little bit more time. Sunday we relaxed mostly. My mom filled up my gas tank for me, and I headed back to Columbus about 4pm when POW. Yet ANOTHER flat tire, not even six months after my last one. :( I managed to pull off the highway and into a McDonald’s parking lot. Roadside Assistance came and changed my tire (I totally need to learn to do that), and I headed back to my mom’s on a donut that sounded like it wanted to fall off at any second.

At first I was annoyed. I mean, I had to work on Monday, and I wasn’t into giving up a vacation day when I already have it scheduled for May 25th. Now I have to take some unpaid time. But oh well. The bright side was that I got an extra day with my mom, and she brought me breakfast at Bob Evans the next morning while I was getting the new tires put on. I also got to hang out with crimsonghost_oh a bit too. He didn’t like my spaghetti. It wasn’t my best batch, to be honest. :(

I headed back to Columbus about 1:00. I got here at about 3:00, way too late to try to go to work. Kiss a vacation day goodbye. *grumble snort* So I kept Aidan and spent the next four hours with him. We went to the library and to the playground, and then he got to meet the little kittens:

Aidan & a Brand New Kitten

Aidan & a Brand New Kitten

Trying to teach Lucy to calm the heck down. Often, she simply will not hop on my lap and settle down. She marches around, puts her face in my face, bites and pulls my hair, and usually walks across or in front on whatever I am reading or working on. IT’S SO ANNOYING. But now she’s snuggled up beside me, which I like. Early this morning, I finally got fed up and put her out of my room. I’d been tempted for a while but felt badly, but I need my sleep.

Especially because I have a two hour style guide meeting tomorrow. Help.

OH yeah, at the health fair, I discovered a yummy, low-cal recipe. You just take some chocolate Quaker rice cakes, some chocolate Cool Whip, and strawberries. Can you guess where I am going with this? I cheated of course. You can cut even more calories by using fat-free Cool Whip, cocoa, and Splenda, but why do all that work when Cool Whip isn’t that loaded with crap? So, just take a rice cake (quake?), spread on some of the Cool Whip, and add a strawberry or two. Yummy! You can eat seven of the mini ones or four of the big ones. It’s filling without making you feel like a pig, and it’s 100 calories. Woo. I’m guess that 100 calories is like, nothing? Does anyone know what a regular meal should have, in terms of calories?

*blink blink*

Chill out time now. See ya.

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