Aidan went straight to bed in his own room tonight! :) He got out of the bath, put on corduroy bibs (don’t ask) and a tee-shirt and a Pull-Up, told me he didn’t want lotion on (which is okay because I’d put some of my Dead Sea Salt scrub on him in the tub), and seemed eager to get into his room. I picked him up and kissed him, turned off the living room light, and he rubbed his eyes. I took him into his room, and asked him if he wanted me to read him Goodnight Moon.

Let me tell you how ADORABLE he is when reading Goodnight Moon! He reads with me, and he knows what comes on what pages, so he’ll say the lines before I get a chance to read them. It’s so cute!

After Goodnight Moon, he was ready for the big light to be turned off and the night light to be turned on. He asked me to tuck him in, and I did, with his myriad of security blankets. I found a small teddy bear for him (he requested a little bear), kissed him goodnight a bunch of times, and wow, it was awesome.

Last night, he’d played and jumped on the bed and really procrastinated. And the agreement is that he can stay up as long as he wants, doing whatever, as long as he stays in his room and stays in his bed. Among the things he did:

1. put stickers into a composition notebook I gave him
2. undressed one of my Vanessa dolls
3. pulled out several picture books (and I assume that he looked at them)
4. played with the bulldozer Ivy gave him
5. kept crying that he was “scared.” i sprayed his room with “monster spray” which seemed to do the trick of eliminating his fear

Tonight, he was pretty much ready for bed, and an hour earlier than he’d been ready last night. I think he is finally realizing the value of having his own room and his own bed. As for me, it’s kind of weird not having his little hand on my cheek. But I have a feeling he MIGHT be in here at 7am, and I’ll get his hand then.

My little boy really is growing up!! :)

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