Hi. I’m back again.

So, okay. I just got a POWNCE account (http://pownce.com/LilRonGal) and I have six invites. First come, first serve. Comment here if you want one! :)

And whoa? Nichole Richie is pregnant? As well as Christina Aguilera? People.com is letting me down, so I am like “is this stuff really true?” But Rosa says it is, so I’m going to go with her word.

Big Brother 8 starts in about 35 minutes. CBS works, but it’s snowy. Still, I’m not getting cable just for one show.

And Avril is releasing Hot, which is awesome because I LOVE that song.

I found a used video game store as I was walking to the post office. It has lots of cheap DVDs. That makes me happy.

When I was walking home, I came to a crosswalk. I had the right of way, but I was going to let the lady in the car go. She waved me across and smiled, so I waved a thank you and started to walk. This JERK in an SUV (surprise surprise) honked at her and started yelling and just…UGH! UGH!!!

Stupid bullies.

Okay, help me out here. There are tons of LJ anagrams out there that I just don’t know. Like:


What does that mean?????


See ya.

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