Oh man, oh man, oh man. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The drama is going down tonight!!! I LOVE IT!!

It’s JENsational. Oh wow, did I just do that?

There are rumors that Jen is here on behalf of Chilltown. CHILL-freakin-TOWN. There is only one Chilltown. I don’t want Jen to be a part of it.

*misses Dr. Will*

Seriously, there is this drinking game. Every time Jen says “I” you’re to take a drink. If I were playing, I’d be SO DRUNK right now…….

FTR, I am on Team Daniele. For now, anyway.

Time for the veto competition. I already know who gets it, but I hope more drama occurs.

ETA: Man, I hate it when I like both of the people on the block. :(

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