I took Aidan on his first picnic yesterday. He was very excited.

Picnic Time!

We went to the Park of Roses. We had McDonalds, Rice Krispie treats, and granola bars. I had Hi-C to drink, and Aidan had chocolate milk. We sat on a Care Bears blanket and people watched. It was a nice evening.

I took lots of pictures of Aidan.


Handsome Little Lad


Food Coma
This was after he ate. Food Coma. HAHAHA.

We went walking through the park. Aidan sniffed a rose.

Aidan Stops and Smells a Rose

And I took pictures of roses.




Pink Rose

We watched the sunset.


And the moon rise.


And we had a very nice time.

When Aidan and I arrived at the park, a wedding had just finished, and I caught a glimpse of the bride and groom getting some photos taken. Naturally I had to take a peek because well, I’m interested. It was also a nice leeway into talking about the wedding with Aidan. He’s excited, because I told him that he’d:

Get to wear a flower to show he was special (at first, he didn’t want a flower);
Get to wear a tux (he requested white, then changed it to black);
Get to dance with me;
Get to eat with me at the big, fancy table;
Get to carry a pillow with the rings on it.

(I totally didn’t follow anyone’s style guide when formatting the above list, and I DON’T CARE!)

But now it’s ALREADY Sunday evening. *SIGH* I just DON’T WANT TO BE STUCK DOING ERRATA AND NOTHING ELSE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS at work. UGH. I’ll be so glad when I get some real work in, some actual proof pages. Although, I did have a lot of fun working on the Professional Development brochure on Friday, and will have to work on it quite a bit tomorrow, too. Oh, and there’s training for everyone—2.5 hours worth in the afternoon. BUT, I get to have lunch with itskels at Hoggy’s, so I do have that to look forward to, YAY. Tomorrow should go pretty quickly, then.

*Sigh* My laptop is about done. The part where you plug in the AC adapter gets super hot and it keeps melting all the adapters. Last night it smelled horrible, the melting plastic and metal. I can’t get them to fit in the slot, so I can hardly charge the computer. Thankfully, all the important data is off of it, so when it finally does completely DIE, I just will have to be without a laptop for a while. I’d gotten one for writing anyway, and seeing as I hadn’t been doing much of that these days, well…. it’s fitting. I guess it’s just the sign that I need to really let that go for a while. I had anyway.

I’m feeling melancholy tonight. I’m missing Aidan (we had such a good weekend together), I’m missing Adam, I am not looking forward to dealing with political junk at work and feeling powerless to stop it, I’m tired of my neighbors, I’m sad the weekend is already almost over, my laptop is almost dead, and I did I mention that I’m missing Adam and Aidan?

At least there is Hoggy’s. Mmm, BBQ.

And at least there will be spaghetti, delicious homemade lemon cake (made for me by tamirabeth), and High School Musical for me to enjoy tonight.

And a pretty wedding blog that I shall pimp again: http://booknerdsinlove.blogspot.com

Alrighty. ‘Til next time.

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