The scene:

It’s bedtime, and at Aidan’s request, I’m lying with him for awhile before he goes to sleep. We’re both giggly and silly, and rhyming words. I ask him what rhymes with all sorts of things, and he answers, with cute little giggles. THEN, this ensues:

Ronni (not thinking): What rhymes with kiss?
Aidan (naughty little voice): Piss.

I bury my head in the pillow and LMAO. He sees that reaction and keeps saying it over and over.

Aidan (giggling like crazy): Piss. Pisssss. Pisss.

Finally, I tell him that he can only say that word around me because other people might not think it’s a nice thing for little boys to say.

The thing is, my mom told me that when I was about his age, I randomly yelled out: GOTTA PISS GOTTA PISS GOTTA PISS PISS PISS!

So really, I wasn’t shocked at all that Aidan rhymed piss with kiss.

Or that every time I thought he’d dozed off, he’d whisper “pissss,” and get me laughing again.

Silly little boy.

“Mommy, we’ve got the giggles!”

Oh, and a word of advice. DO NOT listen to a certain Prodigy song in the car while an inquisitive four-year-old rides in the back seat. He will ask “what’s this song called?” and you will have to come up with something quickly, like “smack your bootie,” so he won’t repeat the REAL title of the song.

That is all.

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