I wasn’t as productive today. I did a lot of administrative work. I sorted and packed the rest of my CDs (some I am burning on here before sending them to the big Half-Price Books in the sky), and I got a small part of my electronics bin done. I prepared some packages to mail that I’d been meaning to mail for weeks/months/years, and I entered all the addresses in my address book to the computer. Now I can throw out all those envelopes and slips of paper I’ve been saving! I also filled out my change of address card, requested records from my ob/gyn, and

Tomorrow, I plan to finish the office stuff (I know, I keep saying that). This weekend, I shall tackle the kitchen. And my room. Teehee.

Less than a week for ZB. Tuesday night, there is a little get-together for me at La Chatelaine. I’m gonna miss that yummy place. Now I’m craving their lunch special. :)

I should get off here. Except I’m still importing music. But I’ll be done in just a bit. And once I’m done, I can go ahead and pack up the CDs for good. Except I have CDs with no cases and cases with no CDs. I hate that. Oh well. Good night.

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