Bullets of Goodness:

· I got an A in my Copy Editing I course! Woooohooooo! :D
· Being almost completely done packing!!!!
· McDonalds for dinner. :)
· Aidan being here and being cute and funny.
· Having all my administrative duties completed!
· Not using nearly as many boxes as I thought I would. I’m sure this makes adamselzer and crimsonghost_oh very happy.
· Making new friends (♥ Sarah).
· Finding my 35mm camera and getting a new battery for it. I can take film pictures again!
· Feeling like today is Saturday when it’s really only Friday!
· Space Bags. Wow. Anytime I can compress 16 sweaters to the size of one pillow, I am happy.
· My hair looking and feeling nice again.
· Moving to Chicago in three days!!!!!
· Yay webcam!
Fun with Webcam!

Now, it’s time to go torture Aidan with hugs and kisses (and also get him ready for bed)!

Good night!

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