Today wasn’t a good day for me. I feel like a failure for reasons I don’t even want to talk about. Just know that I was very tempted to crawl back into bed and cry the rest of the day away. And I just shut down my 1001 in 101 site because I realized that most of my goals were never going to be realized. Maybe I’ll make a new list and do it again someday, or just heavily revise my current list. That makes the most sense, then I can keep my achieved goals on it and not feel like such a loser.

The good things about today were talking to Aidan on the phone, the yummy dinner Adam made, and the love and support both of my favorite curly-headed guys give me. Today, Aidan and I were playing the “make fart noises with our mouths and blame the other game” and he told me that I was stinking up Chicago. That was funny. And America’s Next Top Model was on, so that was OK too.

So today wasn’t all that horrible. But interally, I’m still struggling with things. *sigh* Send good thoughts my way, please?

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