Last night was my first ever Passover Seder. I believe most Jewish people celebrate on Saturday, but adamselzer isn’t a very strict Jew, and I, of course, am not Jewish at all, and Sunday was when most people could make it. I got to spend the evening with a bunch of new Chicago friends. :)

It was cool. The Seder has lessons and reflections that everyone can learn from. Adam’s LJ entry from a few days ago goes more in depth. Me? I just have the pictures. You might want to grab a bite to eat before clicking the cut. ;)

Me & Adam
Me and Adam. The hosts. :)

Mr. Crookshanks
OK, who am I kidding? Crookshanks is the real man of the house, and therefore the real host.

The Seder Plate
The Seder plate. Each food has a special significance to the retelling of the Exodus. We are missing the shank bone, though.

Charosets. Apples, walnuts, and wine.

Boiled Eggs
The boiled eggs represent the mortar and bricks that the Hebrew slaves used to build.

One attending a Seder is required to drink lots and lots of wine.

Honey Fruit Salad
Libby made a delicious fruit salad. Click the picture to get the recipe.

There was also delicious matzoh ball soup, potato latkes, and these cool kosher chocolate things. Yum.

All in all, a very pleasant evening. :-) Looking forward to next year. Adam says Jerusalem, but I have a feeling it’ll just be here again.


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