My New Hat This morning, Adam treated me to a massage at Chicago Touch. I got a 70 minute massage for $65, and it was AMAZING. Best massage ever. Very intense, some parts were quite painful (which I enjoyed), but it was awesome. And the prices are definitely atypical for Chicago-area places. I will definitely be going back.

After, I went to this place called Wigs & More, and I actually tried on wigs. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull one off. But I was thrilled to find that they have the PINK Optimum Care products instead of the stuff in the yellow bottles (which I hate), and the cute pink hat that I am wearing in the picture in this entry. :)

The weather is pleasant outside, and sunny, and supposed to go up to 71! My friend Angelo is in town, so hopefully I’ll get to see him before he heads back to Columbus. Adam’s making lunch now, which is good ’cause I’m hungry.

‘Til next time!

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