Throughout our relationship, Adam and I have dealt with things here and there. Colds, migraines, me and my explosive digestive tract, plus my terrible four month long sore throat… but nothing was like yesterday, when poor Adam’s top left wisdom tooth decided that the frequent “get me out” requests weren’t enough and that he needed to be taught a MAJOR lesson.

I felt so helpless yesterday. I hated watching him suffer and being powerless to stop the pain for him. He was in so much pain and no matter WHAT drugs (or how many) I pumped into him, the pain wouldn’t go away. Or it would go away for about five minutes–just enough time for him to drift off to a fitful sleep, before he was jerked awake by another spasm of pain. He munched on lots of bread and buns because chewing helped alleviate the pain a little bit, and I made him soup. We were frustrated because he was obviously in horrible pain and we couldn’t do a thing about it. The dentists were closed or booked, and no one would call in some good drugs for him so he could get through the night. Finally, about 10:30 or so, he managed to fall off to an exhausted sleep. I think enough of the sleeping meds had gotten into him that his body couldn’t fight it anymore, pain or not. Plus, he’d been NOT sleeping for two nights because of the pain. He was worn out. I was happy that he finally passed out.

Now I know how he felt last Christmas, when I was in so much pain because of that horrible sore throat.

This morning, I drove him to the dentist and packed a bag full of activities to keep myself busy while he went “under the knife.” The extraction didn’t take very long, and he came out proudly holding his tooth wrapped in gauze. It was FREAKY looking! Now, he’s sleeping, but also cracking me up because he wants everything to eat that he can’t have. Beef, especially. The poor guy…. I remember getting my wisdom teeth out four years ago (I got all four out; and they were impacted, so there was NO solid food for me for about a week!) and craving chicken wings and fries, Cream of Wheat and bacon, and everything I could not eat. One can only take so much soup, yogurt, ice cream, and Spaghetti-Os.

He’s not done yet… lots of dental work in his future, but the most painful and important thing has been taken care of. And that’s a good thing.

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