I finally got around to reading Breaking Dawn, and I have to say that I didn’t hate it like I expected to. I guess that because I’d read all the spoilers and stuff beforehand–I wasn’t shocked or surprised at what came. I can certainly understand why people who were way more into the story got upset, but I guess, because I wasn’t quite as vested, that I was able to enjoy it more. I liked it.

I’ve been listening to NKOTB’s new album The Block. The first time through, I wasn’t sure. I’m now on my third time through. I keep going back and listening to Single because I just simply love that song. But there are some other good ones on there too. I’m excited for them and their reunion!

I should be going to bed. This will be my last night for these night owl shenanigans for a LONG time. Monday morning will DEFINITELY be involving Red Bull and Argo Tea. Good night/morning for now.

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