I can’t sleep because I’m lying in bed thinking about work. When I drift off to sleep, I dream about work. In just a few hours, I will be heading into Day Seven of straight working. My mini-spree at Target tonight (which incidentally, consisted mostly of snacks and a Hannah Montana–yeah, I’m rocking the Hannah Montana, yo!–water bottle to use at work) made me feel guilty because some of the stuff wasn’t bought at Sears, whose ads I’m proofing all day.

I quite possibly might be losing my mind.

(Of course, it might be the Sudafed–Target Brand, of course–that’s keeping me awake.)

But seriously, I know it’s because I’m working a LOT, but also because I care a lot about my work. I am always dreaming of ways to improve my methods, what I’m working on, and I have once again made a mental note of something that should probably be added to the style guide. I like having something to be passionate about again, but I like sleep, too. So I’m gonna play around a bit on here, then try to get some more before I have to be up at 9am.

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