Photobooth Fun!
O Hai!

Like my hair? The lady gave me a trim with layers this time. I really like it.

Photobooth Fun! Photobooth Fun!

I haven’t written a long post in a while, and I figure it’s time. Woohoo, lucky you, right? :)

Brr.  It is COLD today.  The high is going to be a whopping 19 degrees F.  I plan to stay snuggled inside for most of the day, although Adam is talking about possibly going out for dinner tonight.  I’m also fighting a migraine, which isn’t much fun. Thankfully, it’s fairly mild.

Yesterday, I sent off packages and Christmas cards, and I have a few more cards to fill out and send tonight.  It was after they were all addressed that I remembered that I’d wanted to do the Christmas letter thing for the first time this year–the Selzers seem to like that.  I think I will still do it, but only for family and very close friends.

This is my first Chicago Christmas for real for real (I was here 10 years ago, but it wasn’t the same), and the city is so pretty during the season.  Macy’s on State Street decorates its windows.  Michigan Avenue is all lit up.  The Salvation Army bellringers seem so excited and happy even though it’s freezing outside.

Macy's State Street Store Windows Macy's State Street Store Windows
A couple of the store windows

Last week, I went downtown to see the Daley Center tree lighting, and Keri Russell was there.  She was freezing, hopping around and looking adorablely cold. She is absolutely beautiful, and so is our big ole Christmas tree!

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Keri Russell

Tree Lighting Ceremony Tree Lighting Ceremony
The tree, and me! :)

A week before that was Thanksgiving. Adam and I stayed in town, and our friends Jeff and Deborah came over. Take a look at this turkey we laid out:

Thanksgiving 2008

It was so yummy. If it had been any moister we’d have needed a straw to eat it. :) We also had rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing (3 kinds!), gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, and macaroni and cheese. For dessert was Jello cake and pumpkin creme brulee. Fancy! It was a good evening, hanging with friends, eating good food, and watching movies and playing Scattergories.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I was ready to start decorating. I put the tree up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving:

Christmas Decorations

And I put up all my other decorations as well.

Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations

Last week, I went to the Disney Store because I wanted a Disney magic fix. Here is one of the results of that venture:

Stuffed Minnie & Me
Yes, I am a dork.

Among other things that happened, Helena jumped on my laptop on a few occasions and managed to pop keys off. The first time I was able to get them back on, but the last couple times, I was not. The computer had to be sent out for a new keyboard. Fortunately, it’s covered under the warranty. Plus, a bug had gotten squashed under one of the old keys, so I am glad to have a new keyboard. I got the laptop back yesterday. In the meantime, I’d been using my MacBook (a hand-me-down from Adam that I don’t use as often because it has issues with the CD drive and the Internet won’t connect if it’s more than 10 feet away from a router), and I have fallen in love with iPhoto. Especially the “straighten” feature. All of my crooked Cinderella castle pictures from Disney? Fixed now. Woohoo! And Photobooth is great for fits of narcissism. I plan to use both computers (I haven’t turned my desktop on in months) for their best features. :)

Here are a few more pictures I snapped over the past several days:

Tree Lighting Ceremony Cute Mickey Thompson Center Tree

I’m excited for Christmas this year. I can’t wait to see Aidan, eat my mom’s cooking, and throw down on some Honey Baked Ham! I’ve been craving sugar cookies like crazy, but I keep forgetting to pick some up when I go to the grocery store! I’ve also been craving nachos, tostadas, beef and noodles (which Adam makes for me every week), McDonald’s, Froot Loops, bacon, and more sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles. Weird.

I’m also excited because well, Adam and I will be together but we’ll be married this time. He’s going to get so spoiled; I hope he likes all his presents. :) I’m done with the necessary shopping, which is a weight off my chest, as is having most of the Christmas cards done and the packages mailed. Now I have to work on getting the car registered in IL before the end of the month. That should be fun. NOT.

Oh well, that’s all for now. The migraine is trying to step it up, which means I need to step up the drug regimen and eat something too. Maybe I can sweet talk Adam into making me some bacon and toast. We’ll see. Word. Talk to ya soon!

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