List 20 things that would make your world perfect, and post them on your blog/facebook/whatever the cool kids are using these days.

In My Perfect World…

1. Aidan would live with me.
2. There would be no thunderstorms or snow storms.
3. I would have lots and lots of money.
4. I’d have an annual Disney Parks pass, and a Disney Vacation Club membership, and the time and funds to go to ANY Disney park I wanted any time forever and ever.
5. I’d have my two cats, plus a cute lil doggie, and some fish.
6. McDonalds would be good for me.
7. Onions would not exist.
8. The temperature outside would never go below 70F.
9. I’d not have loud drunkard neighbors, neighbors with annoying dogs, or neighbors who have no idea how to take care of/clean up after their annoying dogs.
10. I’d have a job I LOVE proofreading really awesome stuff but with no high pressure, ego stroking, or other assorted nonsense. The hours on this job would be 10am-3pm M-F. And it’d be paying me loads of money because I’d rock at it. (Hmm, now that I think about it, my ideal hours would probably actually be 10pm-3am. Especially if I am working from home. And if it’s my perfect job, I AM working from home.)
11. I’d live right across the street from a library. A GOOD library, like Columbus Metropolitan. Oh, how I miss thee.
12. My stomach would be flat; maybe even a 6 pack.
13. I’d be making a VERY GOOD living as a bestselling author.
14. I wouldn’t be so nervous to drive because I’d live in a place where NOT EVERY DRIVER IS A FREAK wtf Chicago I don’t even.
15. My friends and family who I love and who love me best would all live on my street. Or at least in my neighborhood.
16. There would be no pain, hurt, addictions.
17. Bad days would never exist.
18. Houses and litter boxes would clean themselves.
19. I’d be happy all the time.
20. My favorite foods and products would not only always be in production (and easy for me to get!), but they’d NEVER BE DISCONTINUED.

* * *

My ideal living situation would be this. (This is totally fantastical because I know such a place does not exist)
A medium city (not quite as huge as Chicago, but not as small as Columbus) with a Mediterranean climate. That means warm almost all the time. Blue skies, sunshine. Close to a beach, but not necessarily beach front. Not terribly humid. Wildflowers blooming all the time. Lots of mature trees and green grass. Close to all of my favorite places: Anderson’s Bookshop, the Whetstone branch of the Columbus library, Disney World, American Girl Place, Target, Meijer, Ragstock, Aeropostale, Nordstrom Rack, Dunkin Donuts, Mrs. Fields, Half-Price Books, McDonald’s. Public transportation. A grid system. Efficient traffic patterns (unlike the ones in Chicago). Close to a downtown. Lots of parks and places to walk. NO WINTER! That means no snow, ice, freezing temps. No extreme summer weather either.

We’d live in a ranch house. Three or four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a family room. The kitchen would have an island and a lazy susan. The appliances don’t necessarily have to be the fancy stainless steel stuff with red knobs or Sub-zero or whatever. Just working and clean and pretty. Or even retro-looking. There would be book cases everywhere. There would be a hot tub and a finished basement. Lots of storage. The yard would have cherry trees and lilac bushes and Asiatic lilies. My Hyundai would be fully maintained and have a full detail and Adam would have the old-fashioned Volvo he’s been dreaming about. Attached garage for sure. Sounds nice, huh?

A girl can dream, eh? Good night, y’all.

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