Happy Birthday, Aidan!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!
Happy Birthday, Aidan!

He’s 9 years old today!

And the BEST 9 year old in the world.
If I do say so myself.

We took him to Toys R Us
and where he picked out
loads of LEGOs.

He asked that we take him to
Burger King for lunch,
so we did that.

Now he’s happily playing
with his new toys, and eating his
birthday treats from
Dunkin’ Donuts.

Birthdays are my favorite.
Buying presents for Aidan is my favorite.
Watching him get so much joy out of his gifts is my favorite.
Even listening to him sing “Happy Birthday” to himself over and over….
That’s my favorite, too.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Aidan!

  1. Jamie says:

    Happy Birthday Aidan!!!!

    What a handsome boy!

    I am so excited you have a December baby, too. I want to make sure it is never a letdown for him because Christmas is so close. Maybe you could share some tips with me!

    9 looks like a fun age, I'm really excited for that!

    • Ronni says:

      9 is an awesome age! Aidan is so cool. The greatness started at age 6.5 or 7.

      We always make sure to make his birthday completely separate from Christmas. We ask him if he wants to do anything special. We usually have a cake but we failed this time. He was happy with the donuts. And taking him to Toys R Us was great!

      He cleaned up this week! :)
      My recent post Looking Ahead…

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