Um… WOW!

When I got to work, there was a card and a gift bag on my desk. The card was from a co-worker, the gift bag from my bosses with a $50 Visa gift card. Whoa? :)

We had our department holiday party today. Food, games, prizes, loads of fun. Then we had the white elephant gift exchange. I was next to last so I had my pick of almost anything there. I ended up with Groove It, made by the same people who made Bop It. :) It should be a blast to play. During the party, I won some decorative bells, Rob gave me the candle he won, and I got lots of candy. Then we got let out early!

I got home and checked the mail. Aimzy (verytruly) had sent me a lumpy birthday card with a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble!! Oooooo. I am so excited about that, you have no idea! I also got a Christmas package from Ivy (swankivy)! I’m already wearing the Hello Kitty pj pants she got me and eating the (VERY YUMMY) cookies she sent me. She also sent more mix CDs, and a squashy pillow for Aidan. :) I love it all, of course!! :D The best part is that it came in one of the shipment boxes for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. SWEET.

ETA: She also drew an adorable picture of Aidan!!!!

I also got some Christmas cards including a VERY sexy one from Erin (celinedion).

Now I’m going to relax before Bizzy comes over later and before Chris gets home. I’m going to read and work on my writing today as well. :D So, ’til later!

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Dinner and Partay!

I took Aidan to dinner at Bob Evans. He was so good. He loves the cheddar baked potato soup. He’s so neat, too. He hates spills and messes and is even kind of anal about it. I know it’s my fault–I used to wipe his hands and/or mouth after every bite even when he was a tiny little guy. So, he’s two now. The next couple of years should be fun. Yeah, yeah. Fun.

After dinner, we went to Craig’s to hang out with friends and watch the Buckeyes. The game is still going on, Ohio State is kicking serious bootay!!! GO BUCKEYES!! :D

My favorite quotes of the night came from Brian P:

I don’t associate with people who drop kick little boys.
His face was magnetically attracted to the table.

It was fun to see Joshua and Brian and Cammy and David and Lauren, and to meet Gretchen. We had a nice, fun crowd tonight. And good food too. Craig hooked us up!

Pictures soon! Of course!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!!!

I’m getting tired. I should go to bed. Okay. Good night.

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G’Day Mate!

I am sooo tired. I didn’t get to bed until 3am. All totally my fault. But it was worth it.

The zoo was a lot of fun. I went with Rob (OF COURSE!), Bizzy (otaku_witch), Becky, Kelly P, Tyler, Craig, Chris and little Aidan. It was very, very cold, but actually not that bad. I’d dressed in lots of layers. Aidan was dressed in layers too, and he didn’t seem to mind the cold at all. The worst for me were my fingertips, but Craig had a handwarmer that he passed around, and we spent a lot of time in the warm buildings. The lights were pretty, and of course the animals were cool. We looked at the giraffes, the elephants, the reptiles, and the manatees.

I missed Emily (yoimemily) though. :( I hope she feels better soon. <3

After that, we went to Applebees, where they sang Happy Birthday to me and Bizzy. We ate and then Chris, Craig, and Aidan went to Best Buy. I hung out with Rob, Becky, and Bizzy and that was an awesome time. We tried to watch Good Will Hunting, but we ended up only seeing the good parts. I truly did not want to leave, but it was late. I wished it was a weekend. I was having way too much fun.

Hey Bizzy! Always remember Mr. Whip, computers, and pissed. Ha ha ha. :) Oh yeah, and “I NEED TO ROLL!!”

Rob’s Ham Sandwich song is going to make him famous.

When I was driving home last night, there were two deer in my neighborhood. They were so pretty. I wonder if deer play in my backyard from time to time?

Tonight should be nice and relaxing. :) The house is still pretty clean from the party prep, so I can just sit and enjoy Aidan. I plan to mail Ivy’s (swankivy) present today (provided I remembered to bring her address–I think it might be in my car), and I think I’m done for now. I have a few things to pick up, but I think I’ll do that tomorrow. I need to rest. I’ve gotten about ten hours of sleep total in the past 72 hours. That can’t be healthy.

I got a few more birthday gifts yesterday. My boss #2 got me this talking doll and a frame with an inspirational saying, and Becky got me cool pens, stickers, and bubbles! :) She said it was a small gift, but I mean, hello. The stickers and pens are the pefect complement all the journals I got, and I can play bubbles with Aidan. It’s a wonderful gift, so there, Becky. :P Susan aka Snoozin got me McDonalds gift certificates. Woo!

So, here is my TO DO list:
– mail Ivy’s present
– burn CDs for mom-in-law
– call mommy
– upload new pictures/photo albums
– oil change
– call Irena
– get some sleep!

So, I think that might be it for now. :) I might be writing a mushy entry later. I like when people do those entries where they write to people but don’t specify a name…? I am in the mood to do that. Then I’ll see if people can figure out who I’m talking about–this will be for real life and online friends! But don’t look for it–I’m not going to make any promises. Tee hee

‘Til later.

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Yes, this was indeed, my best birthday ever. Thanks to all of you who made it great, and to those of you who sent me the eCards–mwah!

My laptop is back to normal. I think it got way too warm. I have to be more careful of that next time.

I love my friends so much.

Aidan is the cutest thing ever!

It’s freakin’ frackin’ cold outside and I DON’T CARE!

I will update in more detail when I have more time. I have to sleep now. It’s 3am. Where is the time going?

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Happy Birthday To Me!!

Well, with the exception of my laptop computer breaking and my windshield wiper fluid going on strike (YES I filled it and yes it’s in the right place), I can honestly say that this is the best birthday I’ve ever had. My party Saturday night was amazing. So many people came. So many!!! I’ve never felt so loved and popular! They drove all the way out to celebrate my birthday, and Charla came all the way from C-town. Some of them gave me presents, and I got 38927432899 hugs. Most of my favorite people in the world were there, and those who weren’t (you know who you are) had good reason. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to post pictures.

I cleaned up on presents too. I scored a total of $60 in Best Buy gift cards (plus I got $25 in the mail from the inlaws), adorable journals, the best card ever from Emily plus a cool book, Curious perfume, DDR and a dance pad (!!! Ivy swankivy !!!), Punky Brewster DVDs, candles, lotions, an iTunes gift card, a Michael’s gift card, the soundtrack to Wicked, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment! :) My friends know me all too well. And love me all too well!!

And I love them!

After the party wound down, Bizzy (otaku_witch) and I stayed up til 5am talking, with Emily (yoimemily) popping in and out of sleep to join in every once in a while. I got to talk to Dave online too. :)

The next day, I had church and then Charla, her cousin Teressa and Christian (Charla’s son) and I had lunch at Steak and Shake. Good times, man. Good times.

Tonight, a bunch of us are going to see the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. I’m excited about that. I wanted to see it with my friends, and I’m excited to see Rob and Emily and Becky tonight!! I’m going to be so late, though, thanks to my dumb computer. Boo. BUT that’s showing me how awesome Tyler is, because he said he’d look at it even though his friends are in town and he doesn’t get to see them that often.

Anyway, today is my birthday. I’d completely forgotten. I woke up still kind of upset because of my computer, and very tired because I didn’t get to bed til nearly 3am. I got dressed and checked my email on the desktop, and it didn’t even register why I had an eCard in my inbox. I didn’t check it til later, though, because I was starting to run late. I went to work and still didn’t remember until I saw a Happy Birthday greeting in my inbox from Craig. I was happy he remembered, but a little bit sad as I reflected on no longer being in my 20s. Being the big 30. So weird.

I’d written a letter to myself earlier this year. It’s too private too post. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown since then, but also how much I’ve remained the same. I’ll have to read it again later, when I have time. If I have time. I miss my laptop so much. *sigh*

But it’s time to go. Later, gators!

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