Countdown III (Pictures)

Six more days!!
One more till my birthday! I’ll be &@#&@&#@. Ooops, must have missed something in the translation there….

Today, I got a a gift certificate to from Adam’s dad (and my future father-in-law). THAT makes me so happy. Books! This evening, I got a package from Rosa (meimeigui) and Richard, with strict instructions not to open anything early. So I have a birthday present next to me, and a Christmas present for me, and a Christmas present for Aidan, under the tree.

Janet spoiled me yesterday at work. First, there was this at my desk:


Then, a bunch of us went to La Chatelaine for lunch, and Janet treated me. I had the lunch combo: ham sandwich, tomato basil soup, and Caesar salad. Yummmmo. I really like that place and want to go again SOON. The prices are not unreasonable, either.

Karen gave me a card and told me not to open it until tomorrow. I sat it by my computer so I can remember. If I am up at midnight tonight, I’m going to open the present from Rosa and Richard. :)

This morning, I came into work and found a poinsettia, two cards, candy, and two books on my desk. What a nice surprise, yes? This time of year is so awesome. One of the cards had a lottery ticket in it. I didn’t win.

E Mae treated the copy editors to lunch at Spagio. It was good. I had leftovers. It’s really rich food, so I can eat like, 1/3 of a serving at a time before my mouth says NO MORE FOR NOW, you!

I have to wrap all of Adam’s gifts tonight, as he’ll be here tomorrow. (!!!♥!!!) I don’t take him for a snooper, but I just want to have it done. Some of the boxes are soooo cute that I’m not bothering to wrap them. But the animal print ones I picked up at Marc’s—DEFINITELY getting wrapped. LoL.

Aidan’s disappointed because there are things under the tree for him and he can’t open them yet.

He’s still cute though:

My Favorite Present Ever
My Favorite Present, Always!

I took a Spending Style test on Tickle today. Here is the result:

Ronni, you’re a Bargain Hunter

In your life, you’re willing to go the extra mile in order to find a good deal. Whenever possible, you hold out until you can find the least expensive version of something you need. Your patience and persistence generally leads you to significant savings, which you likely take great pride in. While some may mistakenly think you are cheap and puzzle over why you prefer thrift stores to overpriced boutiques, you’re content to let them squander their cash while you chase down a great bargain.

When it comes to your financial state, you tend to feel like you’re about where you think you should be.

Except for that last statement, it’s pretty much right on.

To Do, Revisited:

– renew driver’s license (12/20)
– renew license plate tags (12/20)
– clean my room (that includes finally unpacking my clothes from my Atlanta and NYC trips, changing the sheets, and general tidying up)
– finish Christmas shopping
– Christmas cards
– insulate windows with some of that plastic stuff you use with a hairdryer
– hair
– clean little Lucy’s litter box (thorough cleaning, not just litter exchange)
– burn a Christmas CD
– wrap gifts
– get groceries

My computer is SO SLOW. It’s driving me nuts. Takes freakin’ Facebook forever to load, and to switch between programs… the thing acts like it’s straining to do that. I have 1.5 gigs of memory and it’s a 2.something gig processor. Web sites take ages to come up. The thing takes at least ten minutes to fully boot up. It amazes me how much Windows deteriorates after a few years, or months even. I also hate how certain programs steal focus. I’ll start something in the background and then go to something else while I am waiting for it to open. Instead of the other program blinking in the taskbar to let me know its ready, all of a sudden, whatever I’m working on disappears and a new IE window or something is in the way. Drives me bananas. But the new Flickr Uploader is awesome. I can do EVERYTHING I need to do to the photos right in the uploader, so no need to wait for the site to load to finish editing (tags, sets, etc.). Good times.

At about 11am tomorrow, I will be leaving ZB until next Friday. Can’t wait. No more Core TEs to bother with for days and days and days. *glares at vendor*

OK, gonna go finish with the gifts and trying to make Aidan giggle. Later! :)

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This month, I will have another birthday. I’ve been getting loads of mailings from places. They’re in nice, brightly colored envelopes. Some of them even look like cards! And they usually have printed on the outside:

A Birthday Gift For You!

I open it, to find a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase, or $10 off a $75 purchase!

What the ever-lovin’ hell?

Call me bitchy, but those are not gifts, those are coupons. A gift is $5 toward merchandise worth $5 or less. A gift is an ornament or a gift card for a pair of socks. A coupon for something I wasn’t going to spend money on anyway is NOT a gift, it’s a ploy to get me in the store to spend more than I ever wanted or planned, or a way for me to *think* the company is wishing me well when all it’s doing is trying to make more money.

They can keep those birthday wishes. And stop killing the trees they’re printing those “gifts” on while they’re at it.

* In case you can’t tell, I am in a BAD mood. >:( And as predicted, my sore throat is back, full force. I’ve given up on getting better, of ever being okay, on everything.

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Very Much A Potluck

Way I Are – Timbaland
I heard this song for the first time on the radio on the way home from work today. I was enjoying the beat. Then I heard the chorus. A part of it. THE WAY I ARE. Again, I like the beat. It’s a catchy song. But, as a copy editor, I feel morally obligated to refrained from obtaining it in any way, shape or form. It’s like the way I cringe when, In Big Girls Don’t Cry, Fergie sings, “like a child misses their blanket.” The noun/pronoun agreement in that sentence is off. But I like the song. So now what? *sigh* I just know that everytime I hear that “way I are” part I’m going to want to throw something across the room. So I guess the answer is to let the song be.

During the Spring, I was taking the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting course. It was a correspondence course. I worked on certain letters, manuscript and cursive, and turned them in to an evaluator. It was HARD. Writing is very much about muscle memory, and my hands had been trained to write a certain way, to make letterforms a certain way. To retrain is hard and painful. Even still, I got very good scores on my lessons, and on June 7th, I became certified to model and teach Zaner-Bloser Handwriting! :) Yay.

Other than that, work’s been pretty run-of-the-mill.

I did a BAD THING last night. I installed Zoo Tycoon on my computer. And no, not the new one. The ORIGINAL one. And I played it for TWO HOURS. ARGH. I can’t believe I got sucked in again. I managed to spend $250,000 trying to get the thing established, and the stupid giraffes just kept on being pissed off, and the stupid zookeepers and maintenence workers refused to clean up all the poop which pissed the giraffes off even more! So I sold all the giraffes, and I’m going to rebuild the exhibit and only put two giraffes giraffes in there. I’d added too many before, then they started making babies and oh man. OUT OF CONTROL. I never got any of the expansion packs, and I don’t know if I am going to ever invest in the newer versions (they look fun!), but I tihnk that’ll be okay. Speaking of computer games… OMG Bookworm Adventure. Defeat the enemies by making big words!!! Yeah, game heaven for a word geek like me.

This just in:
Nielson did some research on the Harry Potter phenomena, and here’s a statistic that surprises me:

51% of people age 12+ in the U.S. are aware that the new Harry Potter book is coming out in July.

I honestly thought it’d be a higher percentage. Wow. But I think 51% is still pretty darn impressive.

The whole “Save Harry” campaign is kind of annoying. Let the author do what she will. Signing a petition to get her to sign more books, while it must be flattering, has to be kind of infuriating as well. The security measures around the book are crazy!!!!! I can’t believe the lengths these companies are going through to keep it secret. Well, one week and one day, and the fans can be satisfied.

And one last note…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO goaliej54!!!!!!! ♥

See ya!

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Today is my half-birthday. That means I’m officially 32 1/2.

It’s a pretty day. Sunny and not too warm.

I think eating all those fruits and vegetables lately have helped a lot. I’m visibily thinner on certain parts that have been plaguing me the past several months, and I’ve lost weight. Where I used to fluctuate between 115 and 120 pounds, now I’m fluctuating between 110 and 115, and staying at the lower end of that range. I can be okay with that.

I feel more rested, I have more energy, I feel healthier, and I’d rather crave fruits and veggies than stuff like fries and chocolate-chip cookie dough.

I listened to Dane Cook this morning, which made me laugh first thing.

Tomorrow is payday, and it’s a short week for me (that means today is my Thursday).

All good things.

See ya.

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