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Workin’ It Out

Today was the first time I turned on the Wii Fit in 56 days. And I know this because the Wii Fit makes sure to let me know exactly how it’s been since I’ve used the thing.

The first thing I did was the body test, and I was very happy to find that I’d lost 2.2 pounds, and that my Wii Fit age is 25. I apparently have very good balance, also.

I wonder if working out with We Cheer before popping in the Wii Fit helped. I played that before Wii Fit, and We Cheer is HARD. I’m having a hard time beating the one-star easy levels in the championship! I am not sure if it’s me or if it’s a lag in the system. I know for SURE there is a disconnect between the board and the Wii Fit when I do the advanced step aerobics. I also know that I was never a cheerleader, so it’s probably me. Well, whatever. I beat all my high scores tonight, and I worked out for a total of 90 minutes.

Yesterday, our enormous pile of laundry roared at Adam and told him to do something about it OR ELSE. So he lugged it all to the 24 Hour Coin laundry place on Elston and decided to do the laundry drop off service. It really was a LARGE amount of laundry. A few pieces were from BEFORE I moved here last year. Anyway, he dropped it off yesterday afternoon, and today, went to pick it up. It was all folded or on hangers, and wrapped in nice bags, and all fresh and clean and fluffy and soft and pressed and it smelled so yummy. It’s incredible. So now, for the first time since I’ve lived in Chicago, we are caught up on laundry! YAY. I said that when I am working, we’re going to do that ALL the time. It certainly beats dealing with the cruddy laundry room in the courtyard. Ick.

We’ve been cleaning. That’s the thing about becoming an HGTV addict. Yes, I have become ADDICTED to HGTV. I’m saying things like “eating space.” Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, our place was getting seriously cluttered. But now, all of the rooms are clean except the guest room, which is a HOT mess. THAT room will be a team project, so one day soon Adam and I will tackle it together. There is no way I can do that room by myself. I want it to look more like a bedroom and less like a tornado moved in and set up a homestead. Adam actually put our place on Rate My Space. He says we’re getting bad reviews. HA. Well, our tastes aren’t exactly in line with theirs anyway, and we have too much stuff to ever be able to make this place as clutter-free and full of clean lines like they like. Our place has PERSONALITY. Yes, that’s it. Personality. ;) And it’s clean. YAY clean.

All right, then. I’m thirsty and hungry. Also in need of bathing. I should go take care of those shortly. ‘Til next time. :)

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Nothing, Really

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment. I love this doctor, and I’m not dreading going to see her again next month. And for not having insurance, the cost wasn’t prohibitive at all. Thank God I have a wonderful finace who cares about me and who takes care of me. I’d have never gone to see her without his insistence. Basically, I have been emotionally off for months now, and although I realize that most of it’s because I’m going through a million different adjustments at once, the fact that I am ALWAYS feeling an underlying sadness, irritable, and impatience among other stuff is a problem. So it’s time to see what I can do. I have two months worth of prescription samples, and the other prescription I had to fill cost me only $10.99. :) We’ll see what happens.

After that, Adam, Aidan, and I hit Strack & Van Til for some name brand groceries (oh shoot, I forgot lunch meat!). Strack & Van Til is less expensive than the other stores around here (except ALDI); the prices are comparable to what I paid in Columbus for groceries. They also sell Granola Dipps there, but I don’t know how long that is going to last. I think I got the last box. :O And Vitamin Water is 10 for $10. Some places charge $1.99 for one bottle. Now, if they only had BBQ Fritos….

Then we did a bad thing. We went in to Best Buy. And I got that pink camera I’ve been wanting for months. Adam stood there and convinced me to get it, telling me that I was going to end up buying it before Disney anyway, and that I should get it while it was on sale (it was $20 off today), and that it would be GREAT to have in the Disney parks, especially at night, when I might not want to tote around the SLR. SO, I got it. I’m still not convinced I won’t talk myself into returning it, so I haven’t opened it yet. But I probably will open it and enjoy having a little camera to carry around with me. :)

(Adam is telling me to stop feeling guilty about buying it).

I’m sure the bank is scratching its head, because I don’t spend money like this regularly.

Today I drove again for the first time in several weeks. For some reason, I feel a great deal of anxiety driving here, and I really shouldn’t. I mean, I KNOW how to get to the grocery stores and to Target and Kohl’s and Best Buy. And anything else, I can take the bus or the train or walk because those stores are downtown. I’ve been very tempted to sell the car, pay off the balance with the money, and go to not owning a car anymore. Someone broke into my car AGAIN over the weekend and stole my emergency roadside kit. I am getting frustrated with having to get windows replaced every six weeks because people are assholes. This time they broke the window that goes up and down, but Adam found a place that charges only $65. More than half what the other places charge. Still, it’s an expense that’s ridiculous and annoying. Plus insurance (although mine has gone down woo!), and the car payment, plus the $120 yearly fee one has to pay JUST for owning a car in Chicago, and the same for registration. I don’t drive it enough to justify all that, so we were thinking of doing the iGo or Zipcar thing (car sharing, about $15 a month for three hours of usage, which is perfect for groceries and such, and the fees cover insurance, gas, etc.). I’d be sad to get rid of my car…. seems like I’m constantly giving up something by living here, but it would be good for the environment and good for my wallet. But I kind of want to hold on to it until I find full-time work. If I can’t find a job downtown and have to commute, I’ll need a car for that.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m eyeing the camera, still in the bag and in its box, and inching a little closer to opening it. :) I’ll let you know.

‘Til next time!

ETA at 5:40pm I opened the camera and I LOVE IT. :D

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Happy Pills

Recently, Adam went through the medicine cabinet and took inventory of all the vitamins he and I have. Some were really old, from two roommates ago! Others were more recent. We came across Nature Made Stress B-Complex vitamins. They also have vitamin C and Zinc. Everytime I take them, I notice a huge difference in my temperment and outlook. Can they really be helping to take the stress away? I feel relaxed right now and content, so I guess so. :)

Usually, when I go on vitamins, I forget to take them after a couple of days, or the taste turns me off. But I plan to keep taking these, and to go back on Biotin as well.

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It’s Time For A Change (Picture)

During the past several months, there has become what I will call “more of me.” Meaning, I’ve put on weight. I’m outgrowing my pants and shirts. I’m feeling increasingly gross.

I still get a lot of compliments on how tiny I am. Maybe I am extra hard on myself, or maybe they just can’t see what I see. The point is that I am not happy with how I look and feel, so I need to fix it.

I have a PLAN.

Tonight was the first step of the plan. I did the Paula Abdul Cardio Dance DVD, plus the fifteen minute tone-up which HURT like eight bitches on a bitch boat. Plies are no joke, and the funny thing is that the tone-up was harder than the cardio. HUH? Anyway, here is what I plan to do:

Sunday: Paula Abdul Cardio Dance
Tuesday: either Basic Yoga, Denise Austin’s Mat Workout Based On The Work of J.H. Pilates, or T’ai Chi
Thursday: same as Tuesday

In between, I plan to walk more as the weather gets nicer. Eating better always helps. I have a weakness for carbs, but you know, I am starting to like veggies a lot more than I used to. It’s to the point where I feel weird if I don’t have them at least twice a week. And I mean GREEN veggies, not corn or french fries. I do not like this extra Ronni sections that’s come about, and I plan to get rid of it by June. Woo!

I always forget how HUNGRY I get after a workout. Man, I am craving some beef like whoa right now. Anyway…

This is me, after today’s workout, determined to become a MILF again:

See ya!

ETA: You wanna know when the real moment of truth hit? When I realized that ALL of my spring jackets were too tight. THAT is a problem, my friends.

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