During the past several months, there has become what I will call “more of me.” Meaning, I’ve put on weight. I’m outgrowing my pants and shirts. I’m feeling increasingly gross.

I still get a lot of compliments on how tiny I am. Maybe I am extra hard on myself, or maybe they just can’t see what I see. The point is that I am not happy with how I look and feel, so I need to fix it.

I have a PLAN.

Tonight was the first step of the plan. I did the Paula Abdul Cardio Dance DVD, plus the fifteen minute tone-up which HURT like eight bitches on a bitch boat. Plies are no joke, and the funny thing is that the tone-up was harder than the cardio. HUH? Anyway, here is what I plan to do:

Sunday: Paula Abdul Cardio Dance
Tuesday: either Basic Yoga, Denise Austin’s Mat Workout Based On The Work of J.H. Pilates, or T’ai Chi
Thursday: same as Tuesday

In between, I plan to walk more as the weather gets nicer. Eating better always helps. I have a weakness for carbs, but you know, I am starting to like veggies a lot more than I used to. It’s to the point where I feel weird if I don’t have them at least twice a week. And I mean GREEN veggies, not corn or french fries. I do not like this extra Ronni sections that’s come about, and I plan to get rid of it by June. Woo!

I always forget how HUNGRY I get after a workout. Man, I am craving some beef like whoa right now. Anyway…

This is me, after today’s workout, determined to become a MILF again:

See ya!

ETA: You wanna know when the real moment of truth hit? When I realized that ALL of my spring jackets were too tight. THAT is a problem, my friends.

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