Random Recap (Pictures)

Wednesday night:

Rob came over, and I made him spaghetti. The only sauce I had was onion, garlic and something or other else. I didn’t think I’d like it, but after avoiding the onions, it turned out to be VERY tasty. Rob liked it too. I made “garlic bread” out of wheat hamburger buns with butter and Taylor Street cheese sprinkle on top. Oh YUMMMM. We also had a good conversation outside by his car.

Rob is always enjoyable company. :)

Uploaded pix to Deviant Art site. I might be addicted to photo posting sites–but nothing will compare to my Flickr. :)

What I did last night:

Finally fixed the time settings on my camera, so it wouldn’t say AM when it should say PM.

Decided I needed to figure out how to use the fully manual functions on my camera.

Went down to The Basement (inside Fat Eddie’s) to see Tony Lucca (of former MMC fame) open for Marty Casey (?) and the Love Hammers. Tony was amazing, but he wasn’t really meeting with any fans after the show, which sucked. I wanted a picture with him, so I could compare it to when I met him in 1993.

Was told by the guys that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with my nice camera at the request of the band. AFTER I’d taken several of Tony already (not knowing this request). They’re afraid I’ll sell them.

I laughed at that. Seriously, who’d want to buy these?

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Big Update!! (Pictures)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a proper update. I’ve been busy, or out of town, or some combination of the two. Good times, great oldies, right? :)

On May 9 – I went to Kenneth’s and saw Cameron (code word for “I got my hair done by the best hairdresser ever”). I love my hairdresser. He’s the cutest thing ever and sooo funny. I love talking to him. Plus, he did a supurb job on my hair:

New Hair Again
This is even after it was windblown! :)

May 10 – took an insanely early flight and got to Vegas a bit after 9am. Didn’t check in to the Monte Carlo until a lot later, though. Visited the most ghastly Wal*mart ever. Ugh. I hate that store even more now, even though they have cute dresses. Finally checked in, got a bit settled (meaning: hooked up the internet and checked email), then headed out to the Strip. Saw the Bellagio fountains, ate good food, went to M&M World, shopped a bit. Ate dinner, then headed back out. Bellagio fountains and Paris Eifel Tower at night oh lovely….

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Smiles! (Pictures)

Double Rainbow on Easter morning 2006


Late update, or early, I guess, huh? I’d planned to do it Saturday evening, but a trip to Best Buy beckoned me, where I picked up a digital SLR camera! I got the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and I LOVE IT. I haven’t even gotten a chance to play with it fully, but so far, it’s awesome. I know that I’m going to want lenses next. Heh. I just really wanted a nice camera to take to the Grand Canyon with me. Not that my Sony isn’t nice, because it definitely is, but there is something magical about SLR. I’m going to be totally loaded down when we go out there. YAY for fun pictures!

Speaking of fun pictures, here are a few from the past week:

Another rainbow picture.

Dinner at O’Charley’s on Monday. SO yummy!!!


Morning Commute.

My week in review:

Monday – work, evening out with friends, including David who was in town for Easter. Yummy O’Charley’s.
Tuesday – work, the cookout at Craig’s.
Wednesday – work, then life group/party at my house. Cookout food, movies, fun.
Thursday – a trip to Half-Price books where I loaded up on CDs, a few books, and bookmarks. I spent over $30, so I got the free tote bag!
Friday – work, then RELAXING the rest of the evening. Reading, watching TV, just trying to dump my brain.
Saturday – wrote, relaxed, napped, shopped, at dinner at Red Lobster. Yummy. Aidan also threw a minor fit and broke the fish bowl (no fish were in it, thank goodness!). No fun. Ha.

So, here is the thing. Lately, I’ve been craving and eating a TON of fish. Well, I guess that’s relative, but yeah. Just fish drenched in lemon juice. That’s what I had tonight and it was sooo yummy. I feel kind of bad, though. I’m eating Freddie and Flossie’s relatives, in a way. but I guess not. Anyway, I’ve been TRYING to eat better. French fries are so dang good, though. However, I’ve increased my intake of fish, veggies, and salads, so that helps, right? I’ve been eating too much red meat, though. I should definitely try to cut that down.

I had the scare of my life. After we were done in Best Buy, we were ready to leave, of course. Aidan stood in the corridor and would not come out. When Chris went to go and get him, he took off into the store and disappeared. I went after him, and couldn’t find him. I alerted a couple of employees, and the guy at the guard desk locked the doors and everyone was on the lookout. Aidan finally came running back up to the front. I didn’t know whether to spank him or hug him. So I picked him up, hugged him and said “You’re in BIG trouble MISTER!” And I was NOT joking.

I get Aidan duty ALL day later on. That will be hard. I’m trying to figure out what we can do. I definitely have to call itskels to see if she wants to go to Old Navy, then I might take Aidan to Bob Evans or something. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. He was up Saturday morning at 7:45am!!!!

I also have to go to the library and drop off some books. I’d LOVE to go to the park, but darned if it’s not supposed to storm tomorrow. BOOOOOOO.

I need to get some rest, though. I’m going to have a busy day. ‘Til next time!

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“THAT’S Why They Call It ‘Good’ Friday!” (Pictures)

Hi hi! Long time, no update, huh? Believe it or not, I’ve been at my computer everyday, but kind of in hiding because I’ve been busy writing or gobbling up new books or just taking small breaks from the social online world.

I’m feeling pretty happy despite the fact that there is a thunderstorm going on. However, the storm is moving away, so yes, I guess that will make me happy. :) No news on the ONLY YOURS front, but I’ve been writing my butt off on my new project. My goal for April is 40,000 words, and I am already above 38,000. On April 28, I am going to a writer’s conference and I am so excited. Being steeped in the writing world…it’s going to be amazing.

So today was a good day. One of those unexpected good ones. I got to work, chatted a bit with some folks, did a little bit, then headed to the eye doctor. I was disappointed to learn that my eyes have worsened. I’m at a -2.50 instead of a -2.00. I am trying out Acuvue Advance lenses. If I like them, I will go ahead and order loads of boxes of them. Maybe someday I’ll get the guts to actually do the laser eye surgery.

When I got back to work, it was lunchtime. I had a salad which was very yummy. I felt proud of myself for having eaten so healthily. Well, relatively, anyway. But when I went back upstairs, there was ICE CREAM! Graeter’s Ice Cream to be specific. I ate about one bowl. We were also let out of work early due to the holiday. So I gained two hours that I wasn’t expecting. I came home and read and took a nap.

Chris called and regaled some happy news. He got a new job! This means no more late Monday nights with Aidan, and normal hours, so he can make dinner for us and stuff. Yay. He’s very excited. We went out and had dinner at a new seafood restaurant, where the host initially said “Okay, we have a four and a half hour wait…just kidding.” Hahaha. The food was very good, as was the service.

I’ve been fairly relaxed the past couple of weeks. Friday, we went to On The Border to celebrate Christy’s birthday. Afterwards, I hung out with Libby so long that I ended up sleeping over. That was awesome! :) Then Saturday, we took Aidan to my mom’s for the week, and came back for Christy’s birthday party. (The Jackson birthdays are like Hanakah. They just keep going and going and going…). Sunday was [the grove], the last one for a while. Monday, I went to Gentle Wind for another massage. I ended up buying the most heavenly incense. Mmmm.

I’ve been downloading music like WHOA. Writing. Spending time with friends. Reading a lot. I just finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (writergrl) and Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty. I keep spending way too much money in Barnes & Noble. I “took over” the prayer request duties (which means I was given a super cute notebook!) for our life group. I lost the five pounds that I’d gained, but I am still not a solid 110 yet. I keep fluctuating. I have a minor crush on Trent Ford, the guy who plays Macon in How to Deal. He’s also been in a few other things–some episodes of Law & Order, stuff like that. He’s a model, was born in Ohio but grew up in Britian, and is illegally handsome. Google his name. You won’t be sorry. Regardless of what Ben says.

So, it’s time for PICTURES! :D

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Saturday (Pictures)

Did you know the first day of Spring is in just a few days? That’s insane! I’m so glad, though. I can’t wait ’til the weather finally breaks. Although, we’ve had quite the mild winter–no complaints there. I’m just ready to wear flip-flops and skirts and traveling and taking pictures. So ready!!

Work news:
During lunch one day, Shannon, Justin, and Patty had a “puppet show” of sorts with spoons. Hilarious. KA told me that I’m getting good at proofing the reprints. YAY because I enjoy doing it very much.

Amanda’s last day was yesterday. She was my cubemate and so awesome. I get my own cube, but I won’t get Amanda. I’ll miss her.

Amanda looks pretty.
I look like a dork. My hair is awful. :(

Aidan news:
He is climbing all over me and it’s driving me crazy. There are a million places to sit in the family room, and he insists on sitting ON MY BACK. It’s not comfortable at all. He’s trying to force me to eat a Pringle. A Sour Cream and Onion Pringle for breakfast. HONESTLY. Ew. He’s also learned how to ask for every single toy he sees. Oh my.

I got him REAL underwear in hopes that it will speed up the potty-training process. I figure, if he wets himself and feels it, he’ll be less inclined to do so in the future. I know this will mean lots more laundry over the next few days to several weeks, but hopefully it will mean the end of buying diapers and Pull-ups soon. He’s getting there, but he gets lazy sometimes. Way too much, actually. So yeah.

I feel like I’m constantly running the vaccuum because Aidan is forever spilling crumbs or something all over the floor. Our family room carpet is awful, and the shampooer is broken, so I just have to live with it. *sigh*

He pronounces “butt” so funny. I keep asking him to say “butt” or “nut” or “cut” because I love the way he says those words.

I feel like all I say is “NO!” He gets into so much stuff. All the time. He climbs like whoa, nothing is safe!! He’s so destructive if he’s not being watched or monitored every second. It’s exhausting!

Writing news:
In April, I ‘m going to Spring Fling Writer’s Conference. I’ll get to meet other writers there, authors, agents, and mandywriter!!! It’s gonna be fun! :D

I haven’t done much with my WIP. I have ideas all the time, but once I start working, I seem to lose steam. Not sure what the deal is. Well, it’s hard to focus. I’m trying to write romantic scenes, and that’s hard to do when Aidan is asking for help with something every five minutes, or when Chris is slamming things all over the house. I think I have to get away to be able to write those scenes. Also, there is so much I have to do, write, revise, change, that I feel overwhelmed by the idea of it all. I simply need to FOCUS, get in my zone, and let go.

I heard from my agent. He’s had to expand the submissions list to include Christian publishers. I’m getting discouraged because my book is on that fence: too Christian for mainstream, not Christian enough for the Christian publishers. I don’t know if Only Yours will sell. All the more reason I’m glad I have a super agent–he’s working his butt off to sell my book because he sees merit and that’s incredible to me. I always let him know how much I appreciate him.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted loads of pictures. I know certain people have been requesting them (ahem davidd), so here we go:


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