Wednesday night:

Rob came over, and I made him spaghetti. The only sauce I had was onion, garlic and something or other else. I didn’t think I’d like it, but after avoiding the onions, it turned out to be VERY tasty. Rob liked it too. I made “garlic bread” out of wheat hamburger buns with butter and Taylor Street cheese sprinkle on top. Oh YUMMMM. We also had a good conversation outside by his car.

Rob is always enjoyable company. :)

Uploaded pix to Deviant Art site. I might be addicted to photo posting sites–but nothing will compare to my Flickr. :)

What I did last night:

Finally fixed the time settings on my camera, so it wouldn’t say AM when it should say PM.

Decided I needed to figure out how to use the fully manual functions on my camera.

Went down to The Basement (inside Fat Eddie’s) to see Tony Lucca (of former MMC fame) open for Marty Casey (?) and the Love Hammers. Tony was amazing, but he wasn’t really meeting with any fans after the show, which sucked. I wanted a picture with him, so I could compare it to when I met him in 1993.

Was told by the guys that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with my nice camera at the request of the band. AFTER I’d taken several of Tony already (not knowing this request). They’re afraid I’ll sell them.

I laughed at that. Seriously, who’d want to buy these?

Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca

Talked to a lady for a total of maybe ten minutes before she handed me $10 and told me to buy myself some drinks. $10!!! A total stranger!!

Hung out with a cool girl named Riley who let me play Erotic Photo Hunt with her. That was an interesting game. Imagine the Highlights game, where you have to find the differences in the pictures side by side, only a bit lot more raunchy. Oi!

I didn’t stay for the headliner, I’d gone to see Tony and I was hungry and tired, so I left. Had a late dinner from McDonalds, ate 8 of the 10 chicken McNuggets (eeek!) and loved every single moment of it. It had been a while since I’d had McDonalds.

Interesting things that happened today:

I went to get gas, and the pump said “Reserved.” I was confused. I stood there for a bit, considered changing pumps, but then the display changed to read something about downloading and resetting. I got the feeling that the price was going to change, and I was right. It came up 3 cents cheaper than when I’d pulled into the station! :)

The rail road tracks by the house have been fixed, so it’s not full of 3847985798 potholes to tear up my tires, which I just got filled today. They’d needed it DESPERATELY. I also got my oil changed. Now all Little Ronica needs is a good washing, and she’ll be good. Not today, though. I am in for the night, and it’s raining.

I signed into Facebook, and since I’m a member of Mac (or Apple?) students, I get codes to download 25 free songs from iTunes ever so often. I did it a couple of weeks ago, and I got a new code today. Yay for new, free music! Even though it’s mostly by unknowns, but that’s okay.

I read the first four chapters of Daniel Pinkwater’s new book, and the first chapter of a book that Stephenie Meyer had started writing from Edward’s (of Twilight fame) point of view. Good stuff. I’m also reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. It was challenging at first, but now I’m finding it more interesting. It has loads of awards.

I had roast beast, mashed potatoes, and gravy for lunch. Yumm. I thought I wouldn’t be hungry for dinner, but that’s not the case. I could go for a repeat performance if you want to know the truth. Mmmm. Beef. I haven’t had beef in a while. Mostly pork and chicken lately. Or pasta.

I should go and get the mail. Except it’s raining. So yeah. About that.

Things I need to do this weekend:

– my hair
– laundry
– clean out my car

Next weekend, I go to Chicago! Well, LaSalle, IL first for a wedding, then Chicago Saturday night and Sunday! YAY!! So excited. :)


1. What’s your name: Ronni
2. How tall are you: 5’1″
3. What color are your eyes: hazel
4. What color is your hair: golden something or other
5. Are you Male or Female: female
6. What is your best feature (physically): eyes, smile, boobs, butt
7. What’s your shoe size: 6.5
8. Glasses, yes or no: yes
9. Did you ever have braces: no
10. On a typical day you are wearing: clothes
11. When you go to bed you’re wearing: a decidedly uncool nightgown, or a very cool matching pajamas and tank top set
12. Work out/exercise about how often: not often enough


1. Name five of your favorite albums:
a. Jennifer Berezan – Returning
b. The Corrs – Home
c. Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics
d. Mylin- American Girl
e. Saving Jane – Girl Next Door

2. Name five of your favorite singers:
a. Enya
b. Marc Broussard
c. Josh Groban
d. Christina Aguilera
e. Jennifer Berezan

3. Name three songs you are currently playing nonstop:
a. Understand – Christina Aguilera
b. While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles
c. Canta Alla Vita – Josh Groban f. The Corrs

4. Name one song (give lyrics) that best describes your life right now:
I walk the maze of moments and everywhere I turn to begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish (Enya – Anywhere Is)

5. Name one song (give lyrics) that best describes your life one year ago:

6. When you’re driving, what are the preset stations on your radio:
97.9 WNCI. But only in the mornings. In the afternoons, I listen to my iPod.

7. What’s the last CD you bought:
Erm…. at full price? That’d be Mylin – American Girl. Love to support the indie artists.

8. Was the last CD you burned an actual CD or a mix:

9. Name one song/band/singer you’re embarrassed to like but do:

10. If you could only attend one concert ever again, it would be:

11. Name one band/singer you absoulutely can’t stand:
I hated the kind of stuff groups like Matchbox 20 did, but I love Rob Thomas on his own, so yeah, I dunno.

12. Name a group you use to like but feel you’ve grown out of:
No one, really. I always get urges to revisit.


1. Name your favorite actor: Adam Brody
2. Name your favorite actress: Angelina Jolie, I think
3. Name your favorite television show right now: Big Brother All-Stars

4. Name five really cool movies you’ve recently seen:
a. Annie Hall
b. – you know, it’s been a while since I sat and watched a movie….

5. Your favorite canceled television show: Dunno. Don’t watch enough TV.
6. Name one movie you wish you hadn’t wasted time/money on recently: n/a
7. You would never watch a movie with: dunno
8. Favorite candy/food to watch movies with: Reese’s Pieces
9. Three favorite tv channels: Food Network, TLC, Cartoon Network
10. Favorite reality show: Big Brother All-Stars
11. Favorite character on a reality show: Will Kirby & Mike Boogie (GO CHILLTOWN!)

(Write the first word/thing/person that comes into your head when you read this word:)

1. coffee: Starbucks
2. dog: Darby
3. slut: man
4. candy: cookie
5. pole: dance
6. ocean: water
7. brave: heart
8. loving: hug
9. cookie: cake
10. death: die
11. life: death
12. child: Aidan


1. Ten guilty men go free OR One innocent man goes to jail for life: ….
2. Eaten by a lion OR Eaten by thousands of small insects: Lion
3. A life of contentment without love OR A life with love and heartache: Quite often, I think the first option sounds ideal. But I’m not that type of girl.
4. Skydiving from a plane OR Bungee jumping off a bridge: Skydiving
6. No television OR No music: No TV
7. No more pizza, ever OR no more chocolate, ever: No more pizza, ever
8. A trip to Europe OR a trip to Hawaii: Europe
9. An hour with your future soul mate OR An hour with a lost loved one: Future soul mate. I’ve already said good-bye to the lost loved one.
10. No longer being able to cry OR No longer being able to feel the need to cry: No longer needing to cry.
11. Sex without love OR love without sex: Either is fine.
12. Loving someone who doesn’t love you OR being loved by someone you don’t love: Done them both. Whatever.


1. Are you currently in a relationship: Yes
2. Are you currently looking/interested in someone: …
3. Are you a virgin: Negative
4. If yes, how long do you plan to be one: n/a
5. How many times have you been “in love”: At least four, I’m thinking more.
6. Looking back, how do you feel about that person(s) now: Some of them I just… I dunno. Try to forget about them. Others I am still friends with.
7. Name three things (physically) you look for in someone: lips, hair, voice
8. Name three things (mentally/emotionally) you look for in someone: silly, warm, intelligent
9. Biggest turn-offs include: cockiness, flakiness, dishonesty
10. Your ideal date would be: December 25th. Oh, you meant a different kind of date….
11. You want to get married, where, when, how: …
12. Does anyone have feelings for you right now that you don’t return: …

(of your friends, who would you say is:)

1. The one you immediately go to with a problem: Star (selfstyled)
2. The most rational: Amy (verytruly)
3. The funniest: Craig, Kelle Belle (itskels), Adam (adamselzer)
4. The one you spend the most time on the phone with: not sure….probably Adam
5. The craziest (but in a good way): All of them. Every single one.
6. The most honest: Jen
7. The purest: Not a one of the lot. Okay, maybe Mandy (mandywriter). Or not. LOL.
8. The smartest: All my friends are pretty smart.
9. The most athletic: Craig
10. The most compassionate: Amy. Hands down.
11. The one most likely to get thrown in jail and why: Adam, for getting all riled up in some anti-corporate protest
12. The last one who said “I love you”: last FRIEND who said it? Gosh, I don’t know. Star or Mandy, more than likely.

I’m hungry. Heh. ‘Til next time!

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