Updates et aI

Minor updates to the Photo Album.
– Fixed the two albums that were not working.
– Changed the format of all the albums.
– Individual albums no longer open in new windows.

Go and LOOK AT IT! I don’t care if you’ve seen the pictures before. You know you love looking at me and my son and my friends. Right? ;)

I’d meant to actually post a new album tonight, but it’s way too late now. Since I’m lame and not out partying, I guess I’ll go to bed.

But I might take some drugs (Nyquil) first. ;)

I feel like being knocked the f— out.

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So, I did not anticipate the amount of SPAM I’d get by switching hosts, due to old email accounts and no filters, blah blah blah. Yeah. More than 17,000 messages are downloading now. This is since Thursday. TWO DAYS. More than 17,000 pieces of spam mail. Thankfully, I have the proper measures in place to keep this from happening again, but SHEESH. 17,000!!!!!

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I’m already finding one thing I don’t like about the new hosting company. TEMPERMENTAL FTP. It works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. It times out at the most darndest times. I try to set CHMODs only for it to go back to what it was originally 30 seconds later. NOT COOL.

I’m trying to install an “ask me” script and even though I am following the directions to a T, I keep getting an internal server error. Definitely not cool. (The site from where I would get support is down due to bandwidth exception. Boo).

When it works, it’s great. It’s super fast. But those tempermental times are quite trying. Like now. It’s connected but the directory listing won’t show up. At least it wouldn’t in CuteFTP. Oh, whatever. I’m glad I went month-to-month with this plan. I may be switching again soon.

In other news the Night Blooming Jasmine scent from Bath and Body Works is amazing. And to think I almost talked myself out of buying it yesterday. Mmmm. Now I want to go and get the lotion and stuff too. I hope it’s not one they are discontinuing. They like to do that there.

Alright. Off to try to figure out this stupid script again. Mmmm. Website stuff on a Saturday night. Welcome to my life.

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The server switch went smoothly, the guestbook is working, the photoalbum is updated with new pics, and all is well in the domain world. My 404 error page is even working! Yeah! :)

So yeah, the new pics. Rob was kind enough to supply me with more photos from his 21st Birthday Celebration. Check ’em out! :)

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Photoalbums FINALLY transferred. Nameservers set. Let’s hope and pray this works!!!!!

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