From Katie (live4himalways)

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(then copy it to your journals so I can answer yours)

– I ____ Ronni.
– Ronni is ____.
– I think Ronni should _____.
– Ronni needs ______.
– I want to ____________ Ronni.
– Ronni reminds me of _______.
– Without Ronni _______.
– My memories of Ronni are ________.
– Ronni can be __________.
– Worst thing about Ronni is _________.
– Best thing about Ronni is _________.
– I am ________ with Ronni.

Today’s AOL Horoscope:

The optimistic feelings continue to build for you, but today can throw you a curve ball as you are sidetracked to deal with some information that can change everything. You are feeling pretty sure of yourself — even lucky. You’re ready to take on whatever comes your way. But you are being advised today to sidestep some of the intensity, for it can distract you from what is really on your plate.

So, isn’t that first sentence right on? And I checked this AFTER I got the news this morning. Ha ha ha. Except, I don’t feel so sure or lucky. Although… it IS job security.