Reasons why today is GOOD:

1. I got to hang out with Emily (yoimemily) this afternoon. She rocks. I love her.
2. I did a bad thing, but the bad thing is REALLY awesome for me. WOO! Emily <3 knows all about it. *wink*
3. I got to talk to Tyler online. He’s good people.
4. I didn’t have to work.

Off to a wedding rehearsal, and then off to do whatever afterwards. Wanna hang out later? Call my cell. Word!


You might be feeling emotional discomfort as the seriousness of a current situation increases beyond your original expectation. It’s not that you are in over your head, but your insecurities are being rattled in a way that you might not yet understand. Sure, you Sagittarians seek wisdom from your experiences, but at this time it’s more important that you just stay emotionally present. Understanding can come later.

I’m scared.

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