Picture Time! (Pictures)

Updated my RandomNess album and added a new one — Lake Hope II. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and since JA Album seemed to have a problem with the following pictures, I’m posting them here. The first one is of me and the AWESOME Emily (yoimemily), and the 2nd is of Kim and Tina in Meijer. We all decided to get our blood pressure checked. And weight. It was good times.

WORD. This is me and Emily. She rocks. Dang it.

Kim gets her blood pressure checked while Tina looks on with a peaceful smile. Gotta love the picture of the lady putting in her contact.

For some reason, I’m kind of cranky. And I still feel sick. And people at work are noticing that I am out of the office a lot recently.

Oh well.

IM Funnies

WHY are Andy and Tyler such dorks? ;) As you recall, Tyler “gave birth” to a brand new Mac G5 computer last week. Andy (who is a bigger computer geek than Tyler, believe it or not) commented on it, and naturally, I had to ask Tyler about it. Tyler’s computer will be a week old tomorrow. Here are snippets of the conversation(s). They’re quite funny, I promise you. SO READ THEM. Dang it.

Funny IMs.

Funny PSAs

This one is just YUMMY: http://declareyourself.com/psas/adam_brody_big.htm

This one is hilarious: http://declareyourself.com/psas/wanda_sykes_big.htm

See others: http://declareyourself.com/psas

AND REGISTER TO VOTE, KIDDIES. Well, those of you who are old enough, anyway. ;)

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