WHY are Andy and Tyler such dorks? ;) As you recall, Tyler “gave birth” to a brand new Mac G5 computer last week. Andy (who is a bigger computer geek than Tyler, believe it or not) commented on it, and naturally, I had to ask Tyler about it. Tyler’s computer will be a week old tomorrow. Here are snippets of the conversation(s). They’re quite funny, I promise you. SO READ THEM. Dang it.

Andy: well, if he “gave birth” to a computer he’s probably going to be defensive of it
Andy: you know
Andy: motherly instincts and all
Ronni: ROTFL
Ronni: I just asked him. That should freak him out good.
Andy: just tell him i’m your ghetto friend from cleveland

*sends IM to Tyler*

Ronni: Do you have motherly instincts towards your computer? After giving birth and all?
Tyler: Yes I do
Tyler: I put it to bed
Ronni: Aww. Do you cuddle with it?
Tyler: No, but I affectionetly run bits through its motherboard.

*sends Tyler’s answer to Andy, who responds*

Andy: OMG

*back to Tyler*

Ronni: Do you feed it nice new software–alpha and beta vitamins?
Tyler: Yes I do. It loves them. Eats them for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Ronni: That is so sweet.
Ronni: You’re a good mother.
Tyler: m, I try
Ronni: I have to meet your new baby someday. You know, before it grows up. They do fast, you know.
Tyler: that’s true
Tyler: mine will retire in about 5 years
Tyler: that’s like way faster than dogs.
Ronni: I know!!!
Ronni: WOW!
Ronni: I bet you can’t stand to be away from it. And you probably don’t get a lot of sleep.
Tyler: That is true
Tyler: I’ve been staying up late playing with it
Ronni: You can’t resist it, it’s so cute! And worth all the labor, wasn’t it? Would you do it again?
Tyler: Yes I would.
Ronni: See, most people know right away if they would do it again or not. Your baby is only what–not even a week old?
Tyler: Tomorrow it’s a week
Tyler: unless you count manufacture date
Ronni: Are you going to throw it a little party?
Tyler: hehe, but I don’t disclose THOSE details!
Tyler: naughty naughty
Ronni: Who? You or me? I’m good. *angel icon*
Ronni: And that has to be true cause you’re reading it on the internet. Sort of.
Tyler: That is true
Tyler: you said it’s on the internet
Tyler: and since that’s on the internet, it’s true
Tyler: er..
Ronni: Yeah!

*later, talking to Andy*

Ronni: Andy is NICE
Ronni: And FUNNY
Ronni: so THERE
Andy: HEY
Andy: how would you like it if i said those things about you!!!??
Ronni: I’d like it.
Andy: figures
Andy: masochist
Ronni: Yup
Ronni: Dang it.

Tyler’s funny. He gives me advice on how to be cheap like he is. Andy’s funny because he thinks of witty things that make me laugh. Just let me tell you; It’s WEIRD being stuck in the middle of conversations with two computer geeks. I learned a lot more technical stuff than I ever thought I wanted to know.

So, I dug this picture out of nowhere. It’s from 1997. Now that I am exposing it to y’all, Tyler can’t blackmail me with it. (Not that he would anyway).

Talk about a couple of dorks!!!! w00t!

Not cute. But funnier than 92 bananas.

Ugh, I suddenly have a cough. BOO!

I think I’m going to go. Time for a bath and some reading and some cuddle time with God. And Pandernoodle. :) <3 It's going to be very weird going back to "normal" life tomorrow. I've enjoyed the past few days wayyy too much. Although I didn't get any of the following things done: 1. Catching up on email 2. Scrapbooking 3. Developing digital pictures 4. Synopsis. :( I DID get my hair done though, and it looks bloody fantastic if I do say so myself. Is it bad to say that I didn’t miss being a mom or a wife at all? :(

I took my wedding band off last night to do my hair (you know, chemicals and metal don’t mix so well) and I forgot to put it on. My hand feels very naked, so I need to get that on ASAP.

You know, I hate other drivers on the road. Except the nice ones like the lady who backed up to let me out of the gas station this morning. She rocked. :D But I HATE the ones who see that you need to get over and they speed up. Seriously. Jerks. Oooh, and last night! I was driving down the road, and I didn’t want to go the speed limit. The person in front of me did. So, I went to pass him/her. WHY did this person take off like a bat out of hell and go like 70 MPH on a 35 MPH road? So, I just got back in the lane and drove my merry way home. Um… psycho much? I mean, dang. I only wanted to go 49 MPH.

Did I mention I have Legolas as a wallpaper on my computer? Mmm. Nice.

Pretty, isn’t he? I mean, isn’t it?

To have spaghetti or not to have spaghetti? That is the question.
It is nobley in the kitchen with a pot and a collander and ….

Never mind. Good night.

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