Journal time! YAY!

So, I had a fantastic weekend, yes I did. Friday, Craig, Chris, David, Aidan and I went to Japanese Steakhouse for lunch. That was good stuff. Once all the food is done, and drenched in ginger sauce, wow. That must be what food is like in Heaven.

Friday night–oh snap, what did I do Friday night? That’s right. I slept. Glorious, glorious sleep. Aidan and I went to bed at 6pm. It was awesome and desperately needed.

Saturday, we went up to Medina reconveyne with some of my old roommates from Harrison House! It was so much fun. Lee is still as crazy as ever. His personality is just great. He’s an awesome storyteller, too. At one point, he was telling us about how he got caught in a tornado while coming from Ann Arbor. He said he was driving along (they’d told him to get out because they saw the storm coming–they wanted him home and safe), and then he checked the sky. It was three colors. Sunny in front of him, grey on top of him, and GREEN behind him. And then he said the quote of the night: “When the entire sky is green, that’s a problem.” How fantastic is that? Well, anyway, for those of you who are curious, he ended up stopping the car and getting into a large overpass and hanging on. He was the first car to stop, then tons of others did too. The amount of hail was amazing, I guess. I don’t know what I would have done in that situation. Tornadoes terrify the living daylights out of me. It’s incredible that he knew what to do.

Anyway, they wanted us to sleep over, but I’m a dork and I forgot. So, I didn’t pack anything. No diapers, no contact solution, no medicine. So, we’ll have to go again. I took pictures, they’ll be posted in my photo album soon. Hopefully tonight.

Sunday was church day. There was no Sunday school which was great because I was tired! So, we went to church and then to Chipotle afterwards for lunch. That was fun, most definitely. At home, I tried to get Aidan to take a nap, but he wasn’t having any of that, so I finally gave up. Chris was doing yard work. Then we farted around on the computers (actually, only Chris farted), then headed over to Chad and Christy’s for dinner. They ordered pizza, and it was yummmmy.

Not too much happened over the weekend, but I had fun nevertheless. Again, just spending time with my friends. Seeing those I love at church. It’s awesome. :)

So anyway, yesterday, I was coming home from Walmart. By now, I was ready to be home. Heh. So was Aidan. But when we got to the tracks, a train was going by. Okay, whatever. I can deal. So, the train is going along, going along. And then it stops. Then it starts going BACKWARDS. By now I’m muttering “What in the bloody hell…” They let the gates up and people were allowed to cross. I’m guessing the train messed up or something. Let me tell you, it’s a bit unnerving to cross tracks and the train is RIGHT THERE. Never mind that the thing was stopped!

Last night, Craig came over. They helped maneuver the heavy TV around so I could hook up the electronics properly. It really is a sad day when you’ve lived somewhere for more than a year and you want to watch an MMC tape and remember that the VCR is not hooked up. But now, the VCR, DVD Player, Super NES, and the Playstation2 are all hooked up and ready to play. Yippee skippy. AND it looks nice there, not all cluttered. Not sure what was going on with all the extra cables and cords in the back, but it was not cute at all.

I can’t wait to show Aidan the Super NES! :) He’ll have fun playing, I think!

*SIGH* So, I’m really truly going to crack down on the credit card use. I need to do something. And I will. Two of them are almost paid off, and I will have reached my goal of paying off a credit card by summer. Only it will be TWO that I’ve paid off. Yippee skippy! But then I have to work on the big ones. I know I can do it if I would just IGNORE THE BLOODY SALES!

So, I’m downloading budgeting material. And I’m going to have an allowance. Meep. An allowance of no more than $50 a month for fun stuff. More than likely that allowance will be lower. But I have to focus on paying off the cards, but most importantly, NOT RUNNING THEM UP AGAIN. So people, pray for me, think of me, keep me in line, okay? I need help. It’s been proven that I don’t have the discipline to do this on my own. *Sigh* BooHoo.

I just wish I was normal.

So, the friendship thing. Craig and I are emailing about that right now. I was telling him how there are some people who you can spend hours with, and then when it’s time for them to go, you still don’t want them to go. That doesn’t happen often and with a lot of people. So, I think it’s very precious and rare when it does. That’s how Jen*Jen and I discovered we were best friends I think. Well, it was one of the factors. ;) She had come to stay with us for a while and when the weekend was over, she needed to leave and I WAS NOT READY FOR HER TO GO HOME! I feel that way about Craig, about Kelly P and Tyler, Kim and Tina also. Like, I really don’t want them to leave when it’s time to go. I also don’t ever want to stop hanging around Joshua or Abe or Monica or Katie or Mr. Matt. I just love all of my friends so much.

Yes, I am a dork. :)

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