This will be a weird week for me. I didn’t go into work today. I got a lot of much needed rest, though. But then we went to “play” volleyball with the gang. I never play, only watch. But I got on the swings. DUMB MOVE, especially on an empty stomach. I felt icky, so I sat and watched the game. The awesome Abe brought food and Chris cooked it on the grill. After I ate and drank ginger ale, I felt better. We didn’t stay much longer after that–I am still feeling really tired and stuff.

It won’t be a late night tonight, that’s for sure! Aidan’s in bed, so I’m going to take a bath and get some rest.

Gosh, I had a whole day off and I still have things to do:

– Update Palm Pilot with a new battery and new information.
– Figure out what to do about Wed. night’s small group. (I actually have a topic!)
– Clean master bedroom.
– Retouch my hair.
– Buy a (belated) birthday present for Monica.
– Deposit $ into the joint bank account.

I’m debating whether or not to take another sick day tomorrow. If I feel like I do now, I definitely am. But then, I have to go in late Wed because I have an appt with a chiropractor. This will be my first time ever going! I’m going to be in Kelly P’s neck of the woods in Powell. Should be quality time. I signed up for this great deal. I guess this initial consultation is valued at over $300, and since I donated $10 to the hungry, I get it all for free. Cool, huh? We’ll see how it goes. I’m tired of the back problems.

Well, anyway, I guess I’ll go now. I just updated my photo album, so check it out if you wanna. :) Good night, folks!

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