Imitation of Life is on DVD??!??!?!!!!!!11oneone???////??//slash

How did I not know this?

Oh yeah, you best believe I ordered it, and got the EXPRESS shipping!!!

I LOVE that movie. I really, truly do. Susan Kohner is soo beautiful. I love her as Sara Jane Johnson.

I guess I love the movie so much because I can so relate to her struggles. I honestly think God gave me certain physical characteristics because He knew I’d have probably tried to pass if He didn’t. So, he gave me a few *key* ethnic features so that I’d never forget who I am. At first, I hated it. I HATED my big nose. Now, it doesn’t bother me so much. And I LOVE my skin color. Not because it makes me “light-skinned” or better than darker skinned people. No, I love it because it’s pretty. It’s like nougat or something. I don’t know. And I LOVE my son’s skin color even more. He’s so smooth and pretty and yummy.

But back to the subject at hand. I think my mother was really baffled as to how a girl could deny her mother and her race, and try to be white. But I had to remind her to think of the times. The movie was set in 1947, and the ORIGINAL (OH SNAP I JUST FOUND THIS – I am SO ON IT RIGHT NOW!) was made in 1934. We talked about how Blacks were treated back then, and I admitted, without the being mean to my mother part, that I’d probably try to pass too. If the White world was better, why not try to gain access?

So, I love the movie(s). They’re great. And in the one starring Lana Turner–WOW. Those dresses were out of this world. Simply beautiful!!

To the people that I interact with moreso than on the internet, if you ever see me randomly yell out “I’m white. White. WHITE,” or “Look at me. Am I not white?” please know that I’m just quoting from one of these movies. I don’t really mean it. ;)

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