My mother told me that I can’t wear underwire bras on the plane because they will set off the metal detector in the airport. Huh???? This disturbs me greatly, as all I own are underwire bras. Hmmm. Now, from what I understand, Victoria’s Secret bras–some of them, don’t really have metal in them, do they? I guess I could ask THEM, huh? Heehee. ;)

I’ll have to inquire about the Bali minimizers too. Now, I LOVE those bras. But I have to remember to handwash them, and definitely NO dryers. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

The last time I flew was in August of 2001. I’m sure the airport will be so much different now. But hey, as long as I can take my iPod, cameras, and some extra deordorant and undies and my teddy bear on the plane, I should be all good.

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