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I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

I probably already took this, but whatever. I had fun anyway. :D

Thirteen random things I like:
01) writing
02) photography
03) shopping
04) music
05) when the moon is shaped like a banana
06) pilot precise ink pens .5mm point, blue
07) koala’s march
08) being with my friends
09) dancing
10) driving
11) spaghetti
12) flip flops
13) curly hair

Twelve movies:
01) Imitation of Life
02) Firestarter
03) Girls Just Want To Have Fun
04) Superstar
05) Shrek
06) Shrek 2
07) Clueless
08) Aladdin
09) Harry Potter 1
10) Harry Potter 2
11) Harry Potter 3
12) Newsies

Eleven good bands/artists:
01) Aerosmith
02) Fiona Apple
03) Jaci Velasquez
04) DJ Paul Oakenfold
05) Tori Amos
06) Celine Dion
07) DJ Bad Boy Bill
08) Pink Floyd
09) Pearl Jam
10) Enya
11) –

Ten things about you physically:
01) I’m short.
02) My hair is golden.
03) I have hazel eyes.
04) I have nice teeth.
05) My fingernails are “tore up.”
06) My ears are little.
07) I weigh 105 pounds.
08) I have small feet.
09) My hair is sort of past my shoulders.
10) I have a “wide” nose.

Nine good friends:
01) Jen*Jen!!!
02) Ivy
03) Andy
04) The Craigerator
05) Katie P
06) Wendy
07) Mr. Matt
08) Kelly P
09) Chris (duh)
*Forgive me if I’ve left you out. I wanted to concentrate on those I’ve spent a lot of time with recently and who know a lot about me. :) Of course, I have other good friends who I hope to get closer to as time goes on. :) And other good friends to add if the list were longer than 9!

Eight favorite foods / drinks:
01) spaghetti
02) bacon
03) double chocolate chunk rice krispies treats
04) skippy snack bars
05) kool aid
06) koala’s march cookies
07) steak
08) french fries

Seven things I wear daily:
01) mickey mouse watch
02) wedding ring
03) a necklace (today it’s a mood necklace)
04) cute underwear
05) cute socks
06) lipstick
07) face powder

Six things that annoy me:
01) People who drive 10 MPH or more UNDER the speed limit.
02) Rude people.
03) S*xual jokes and innuendos.
04) Bing disrespected.
05) Cigarette smoke.
06) Being cold.

Five things I touch everyday:
01) Aidan
02) Computer
03) My Face
04) My teddy bear
05) Food

Four shows I watch:
01) The O.C.
02) –
03) –
04) –

Three People I have a “crush” on:
01) Adam Brody
02) –
03) –

Two things I hate:
01) Being lonely.
02) Excessive amounts of bad drama.

One thing I love:
01) God

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