Here is all that is jacked up at the moment:

1. I finally got AAA batteries for my Palm Pilot. Guess what? I can’t find my Palm Pilot. AGAIN.

2. My contact started flipping out on me earlier this evening, so I went to take it out. It turns out that it had torn somehow. I tossed it and put in a new one. I took them out to get ready for bed–and now my eye is irritated there. I’m worried that it tore and scratched my eyeball or worse, there is a piece of contact in my eye. Bummer. I hate driving without sunglasses, and if I have to wear my glasses tomorrow, that means no sunglasses. :(

3. I ripped a Shania Twain CD with iTunes. And now, I can’t find–oh crap. Never mind. I just figured it out. *hits self on head*

4. Tomorrow I have a mid-year review. I HATE reviews. I know I’m going to get a talking-to about being more “proactive” like I always do. Oh, and I will get talked to about doing “non-work” stuff at my work station. Well, SORRY that I work so efficiently that I get done with everything so quickly. And SORRY that I download fonts and Microsoft templates and clipart all day in hopes that they’ll trust me enough to actually put together a presentation for them someday. How do you tell your boss “DUDE, I WANT to do PowerPoint. I THINK IT’S FUN.” Okay, I guess like that.

5. I can’t find my janet CD. That’s one of Janet Jackson’s best ones. I am so bummed. I have no idea where it could be; I’ve looked everywhere. :( I don’t want to have to buy it again!

6. My computer is running very slowly. I think it’s because I have a lot of huge programs running. MusicMatch is such a HOG. But iTunes only works about 10% of the time when it comes to “importing” CDs, and Media Player puts them into that stupid format, so in order to get MP3s, I have to use MusicMatch. Ugh. I keep feeling like I’ll need to reboot the computer soon. BOOHOO. I’m never going to beat Tyler’s AIM record at this rate! He’s been online for 18 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes! (Not that I’m competing with him or anything. I just think it’s funny that someone’s been online for that long!)

Here is all that is NOT jacked up at the moment:

1. I got to talk to Charla today. And I got an email from Ivy. And one from Jen*Jen. Three of my favorite people ever. It was great to talk to Charla. We don’t talk often enough. But everytime we talk, it’s like we never had a pause. It’s so much fun. I miss her. I told her she needs to come and visit again. In fact, she needs to come and MOVE to Columbus. Yes, that would be great.

2. Church was awesome today, as usual. I love my friends.

3. I have chiropractor tomorrow. YEAH!!!

So, that’s all around here. I need to go to bed. I’ll have pictures from the weekend soon. I promise. Good night.

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