Why can’t I be rich? Is this not the cutest purse ever?

On to other things. I was freaking out over nothing. My review wasn’t bad at all. And I did tell my boss to leverage me for more Power Point and stuff like that, and he said he would! :) All he said was to be more proactive and more focused. The proactive one is a standing developmental issue, not a big deal. And the being more focused one is something I’ve been working on, and he said that I’d already addressed that issue a couple of months ago. So, it’s all good. Overall, it was very favorable. He gave me lots of compliments. And he said that he appreciate how friendly and approachable I am. :)

I’m so HAPPY it’s over! No more reviews until April 2005! WOOHOO!

I had traction this morning at the chiropractor. They took this funny head harnass thingy and hooked a 2 pound weight on it and then put it on me. I leaned my head back and held it like that for 2 minutes. Not the most comfortable thing in the world to happen to me, but it was fine. My shoulders were aching a lot during the procedure, and I had a hard time swallowing at first. But I got used to it, took some deep breaths and it was okay. I think I might consider getting my iPod out if the traction sessions get longer. Music makes things go much more quickly.

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