How awesome is it that Charla (my honorary best friend of all time forever and ever amen) and I have finally hooked up on AIM/AOL, so now we can chat and exchange old 90s music on AIM? Sweet.

Tyler’s streak is now broken. He has only been online for 4 hours. Such a tragedy. BUT, not all is tragic in his life. For he is embarking on a major life change. YES! It’s quite exciting! At about 4:30 pm tomorrow he will be delivering a 40-50 pound *baby. The baby will be in a giant black box. I’ve been reminding him to breathe, because this will not be an easy birth.

* baby = new mac G5 computer

Okay. So, my in laws graciously made me spaghetti for dinner tonight. I was VERY thrilled. She knows how much I love her spaghetti. Mmmmm. So yummy. And then, while we were eating, she said they were having salisbury steak tomorrow. I nearly jumped out of my seat. I invited myself to dinner for tomorrow. I’m not eating lunch in anticipation of that. Her salisbury steak is the I cannot wait. You have no idea.

And for today’s random piece of Ronni knowledge. I have been OBSESSED with my Shania Twain CDs lately–especially Come On Over, The International Version. I found it, and now I am just… listening to it all the time. On the computer. In the car. At work. It’s just an awesome CD. Ironically, I have Up, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I got it for Christmas. 2002. Oops. I think I’m going to bust it out at work tomorrow, if I can just stay away from my iPod. But it’s a good thing I have the iPod, ’cause the CD/DVD-ROM in my laptop at work is dying. Probably because of all the CDs I ripped. Meep.

Okay. So, I told myself I’d get to bed at 10:30. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Oops. Well, 11 then. Good night!

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