Last night, Kim and Tina came and slept over. It was a nice, mellow time. Tina brought her new laptop and we played with Lord of the Rings stuff, and then Tina and I ripped CDs! Kim and I ate roast beast sandwhiches and Sun Chips while Tina ate canteloupe. We went to Meijer and checked our blood pressure and weight. :) I played my guitar and my fingers REALLY hurt now.

This morning, I made blueberry muffins and tator tots for breakfast, and then after Tina and Kim left, I went back to bed. But I didn’t fall asleep before the power went out! Of course, there is that moment of panic: Did we pay the electric bill? Did I blow a fuse? Then I heard the neighbor yell “DID YOUR POWER GO OUT?” and I knew I was okay. Warm (no fans!) but okay.

So, my mom called at about 1:30pm. I’d JUST woken up and reset the clock. But I’m an idiot when it comes to reading analog watches sometimes, so I thought it was 12:30. So now, I desperately need a shower. Talk to you folks later!

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