I stole this from the Roxydoll Bulletin Board and modified it a bit. :)

List 20 things that would make your world perfect, and post them on your Live Journal.

In My Perfect World…

1. There would be no thunderstorms.
2. I would have lots of money.
3. My friends would love me the best. (I would love them too.)
4. Aidan would never have tantrums.
5. Adam Brody would live across the street from me. And we’d be best friends.
6. McDonalds would be good for you.
7. Onions would not exist.
8. The temperature outside would never go below 73F
9. I wouldn’t have credit card/mortgage/car/student loan debt.
10. I’d have a job I LOVE.
11. The hours on this job would be 10-3 M-F.
12. My stomach would be flat; maybe even a 6 pack.
13. I’d be making a VERY GOOD living selling bestselling novels.
14. I’d be driving an Audi TT roadster–silver.
15. My friends who I love and who love me best would all live on my street. Or at least in my neighborhood. Especially Tami, Tina, Kelly P, Jennifer, Jen*Jen, Emily, Bizzy, Charla, Andy, Katie, Star, Jenna, Helen, Craig, and more!! My neighborhood would be awesome. We’d be hanging out all the time.
16. There would be no pain, hurt, addictions.
17. Bad days would never exist.
18. Houses would clean themselves.
19. I’d be happy all the time.
20. And the thing that would make my world ultimately perfect would be to see Jesus, and touch Him. Hear His voice. That would be the best.

Hmm. I wonder if 4,15,16,17 and 20 is what Heaven is like….

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