I had such a fun Saturday. It started off okay, with Aidan waking up in an awesome and adorable little mood. Then I played on the computer a little bit; loaded some songs into my iPod. We went to Lowe’s where Chris and I got into an argument about money, but we worked it out. After Lowe’s, we went to Target, where I got the cutest little plush Elmo chair for Aidan. I picked up some necessities, and some not so necessities for 25 cents a piece! I got 2 journals, 2 notebooks, and a jumprope. All for a quarter each. I was quite happy about that!

After Target, we went to David’s place to hang out. Lauren was there! She showed us ultrasound pictures, but baby had his/her legs crossed. No secrets revealed there. I got to meet David’s friend Jill and a couple of other people. Good times. Then we went to Chad and Christy’s. That was fun. Jen*Jen met us there, and we ate food, watched Mystery Science Theater 3000, and then Chad and Christy and Chris and I went upstairs to talk. It was really amazing. Chad and Christy are awesome friends. Very generous, a lot of fun, kind, and great to talk to. I think Jen liked them! :) Then Chris went downstairs with Aidan, and Abby showed up. She came upstairs and talked, but not before Christy and I got to have some girly time together and talk to each other.

We got home about 20 minutes ago and I’m pretty tired. Church looks to be busy this Sunday. I will try to make it to Sunday school. I’ll definitely make it to the 11:15 service, and maybe lunch afterwards. Then.. Jen*Jen is spending the night! YAY!!!!! I don’t have to work Monday, and I am really looking forward to seeing lamplamp on Monday.

Going back to work Tuesday is going to be so hard. Especially since my To Do list for next week is already more than 1/2 marked off. But I have a fairly big project to do–most of it is done already, though! Hopefully the week will go by quickly. Each day brings me closer to when iVY will be here!!!

Kelly P is home. Now I can breathe more easily. :)

Good night, all. :)

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